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where did the aztecs settle
they settled in the Valley of Mexico
how did the aztecs solve the problems caused by tenochtitlans location
the built causeways connecting them to the mainland, they built chinampas to grow more crops on, and they built dikes to stop floods
how did the aztecs gain their power and wealth
they gained their power by conquering other people tehy demanded tribute from the conquered people so they became wealthy
what was the connection between between aztec religion and war
the aztecs went to war so they could take prisoners to sacrifice to their gods
what caused the end of the aztec empire
the spanish conquered them
where did the aztecs build their empire
they built it in central america
how did the aztecs control other native people
they conquered them and then they used force to control them
when and where did the Inca people first settle
they settled in the Cuzco Valley in the 1200s
what steps did the incas take to make newly conquered peoples part of the empire
they showered them with gifts and they let the conquered peoples leaders take part in governing
how and when did the Inca empire end
they ended because their ruler was killed by the spanish in 1532
what is a chinampa
a floating garden
what is a quipu
a set of knotted string to record info on
what is quechua
the official incan language
what is a quinoa
a protein rich grain