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Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
a 1918 treaty between russia and germany that ended russia's involvement in ww1
Harlem Hell Fighters
the african american infantry unit that fought with the french army in ww1
Battle of Belleau Wood
hard-fought american victory over the germans in france in 1918
Battle of the Argonne Forest
started 26 1918
after 47 days the americans broke through the german defense
agreement to stop fighting
give up power
rapid spread of a contagious disease among large numbers of people
Describe the situation of the Allies when the Americans arrived in 1917.
troops in trenches were exhusted and ill. civilians in britain and france were near starvation
What role did American troops play in the Allied victory?
american troops to mexico in 1916 to hunt the mexican rebel pancho villa
What conditions did Europeans face after the war?
between 8 million to 9 million people died in the battle. america lost 100,000 mean from mostly disease. much of northern france was ruined