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What year was the declaration of independance created?
What are tha coordinates for Brazil?
5N-33S, 35W-74W
Name the landforms of North America.
Atlantic, Manufacturing core, Gulf costal plains, appalachian, cordillera, Far north, Southeast, pacific coast, hudsons bay lowlands
Jaques Cartier came to N. America in what year?
The first people to come to N. America were who?
The Vikings
Is Brazil part of Latin America?
Champlain made alliances with which tribe?
The Huron
The Iroquois were who?
The planters of corn
The coureur de bois were also known as what?
The runners of the wood.
What regions joined confederation first?
Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
What was the Quebec conference?
For the 72-resolutions.
When was the union of Canada made?
On July 1, 1867.