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What is ostracism and how does it affect people?
acts of excluding or ignoring another

people are affected through depressed mood, anxiety, hurt, and try to restore relationship, also withdrawal
Proximity plays a role in fostering attraction how?
By increasing functional distance
What is functional distance?
How often likely to interact with a person
In what ways does proximity aid attraction?
Anticipation of Interaction
Mere Exposure
Explain the matching phenomenon?
A person's increased likelihood to choose a good match through attractiveness and other traits
How does love effect how one views the world around them?
People see others are less attractive when in love
Birds that flock together _
are of a feather
What is "attitude alignment" ?
The matching of ones attitude to match the other to breed attraction
The popularly supposed tendency, in a relationship between two people who contrast each other to come together to complement the other?
What is ingratiation?
use of strategies, such as flattery, by which people seek to gain an others favor
The underestimation of a relationship occurs in people with what level of self esteem?
Low self esteem
What is the reward theory of attraction?
Those who reward us or whom we associate with rewards, we tend to like better
How can proximity, attraction and similarity be rewards?
Proximity provides less effort (rewarding)
Attractive people have desirable traits (reward)
Similar people seem to reciprocate attraction and we thus assume liking (reward)
Passionate Love is?
intense longing for union with the other

It is the psychological experience of biological arousal around those we like
What is the two factor theory of emotion?
Arousal (X) it's label = emotion
What anatomical structure of the brain is associated with Love?
Caudate Nucleus
Compassionate Love is?
the steady flow of attraction gained from being around those who are deeply intertwined in ones life.
What are some common elements of loving attachments?
Mutual understanding
Giving and receiving support
Valuing and enjoying being with the other
What are the four attachment styles?
Secure attachment
Preoccupied (anxious-ambivalent)
Dismissive (distrustful avoidance)
Fearful (fearful avoidance)
People with what level of self esteem fail to have positive illusions of their partners?
Those with low self esteem.
What are positive illusions?
Seeing virtues withing a partners faults
A condition where the outcomes people receive from a relationship are proportionate to what they contribute?
Revealing intimate aspects of oneself to others is called?
Self disclosure
What actions allow for disclosure reciprocity? (Others disclosing to you)
Genuine in revealing feelings
Accepting of others
Empathy and Sensitivity to other
Three coping methods of a "break-up"?