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What is social influence?

the exercise of social power by a person or group to change the attitudes or behavior of others in a particular direction

Name three types of social influence

conformity, compliance, obedience

Explain conformity

yielding to perceived group pressure by copying the behavior and beliefs of others

Explain compliance

publicly acting in accord with a direct request

Explain obedience

performance of an action in response to a direct order

What did Sherif's study on social norms explain about conformity?

conformity to social norms influences judgment when reality is ambiguous

Why does social power increase people's tendencies to take action?

1. having power makes people less dependent on others making them feel better equipped to act on their own without having to make considerations

2. social power allows them to ignore or pay less attention to other people's viewpoints

3. possessing power allows people to loosen the grip that social norms and standards typically exert on behavior

What did Asch's line experiment explain about conformity?

conformity can affect behavior even when reality is clear

What is normative social influence? Public or private conformity?

go along with group for acceptance; public conformity; we go along with the norm even when we disagree

What is informational social influence? Public or private conformity?

turn to members of a group to obtain accurate data; private conformity; we go along with the norm because we feel it is right

What is the reaction of a group to nonconformist?

those who hold minority opinions become the focus of influence attempts until they either conform or convince the group that these attempts are useless

What are factors that influence conformity and what are examples of each?

Situational Factors (group size, group cohesiveness and topic relevance, social support)

Personal Factors (self-awareness, self-presentation, desire for personal control, gender and conformity)

What are the differences in conformity in individualist vs collectivist societies?

People from collectivist cultures tend to be more conforming to their own group than individualists and is believed to indicate self-control, flexibility and maturity; people from collectivist cultures perceive ungroup norms as universally valid and feel obligated to obey in-group authorities and tend to distrust out-group norms and are often unwilling to yield to their influence

How does gender affect conformity?

When people believe they are being observed, women tend to conform more and men tend to conform less than they do in more private settings; men non conform to appear unique and assertive while women often act more conforming as a way to appear agreeable and foster group cohesiveness; may be due to gender socialization

Explain minority influence

the process by which nonconformists/minority opinions produce change within a group;

Explain minority slowness effect

the tendency of those who hold a minority opinion to express that opinion less quickly than people who hold the majority opinion

How can groups holding minority opinions can be most effective in persuading the majority?


How does group size effect conformity?

More people, more conformity because of deindividualization

How does group cohesiveness effect conformity?

More cohesiveness, more conformity

How does topic relevance effect conformity?

the more something is important to you, the more likely to conform (ex. sorority)

How does social support effect conformity?

having an ally decreases conformity (seen in Asch study)

How does self awareness effect conformity?

being privately self-aware reduces conformity

being publicly self-aware increases conformity

How does self presentation effect conformity?

conformity is more likely to occur when self-presenters are alone with those trying to influence them and when the conformity will be viewed as indicating intelligence or open-mindedness

How does the desire for personal control effect conformity?

theory of psychological reactance: people believe they possess specific behavioral freedoms and that they will react against and resist attempts to limit this sense of freedom (ex. anti conformists--> do the opposite of the norm, but in fact are still conforming, being goth)

Name three compliance procedures (two steps)

foot in the door

door in the face


that's not all

Explain foot in the door

goal: to get something large

1. ask fro something small (must say yes to gain compliance)

2. then ask for what you really want

Explain door in the face

goal: to get something small

1. ask for something ridiculous (must say no)

2. ask for what you really want

** the most effective technique **

Why does compliance work?

norm of reciprocity, smaller request seems reasonable in light of larger requests, individual may have a fear or being cheap

Explain low balling

the influencer secures agreement with a request by understating its true cost (hidden costs)

Name three compliance principles

scarcity (ex. There's only 10 left!)

authority (ex. Data suggests…)

"That's not all" (ex. Buy one get one free)

What are the central findings of Milgram's Obedience Study?

obedience is due to situational factors not internal personal traits; 60 percent of subjects went to 450 volts

Name two ways the obedience to destructive authority can be lessened

social support allows others to more easily express their own opinions (not obey authority if goes against what they believe)

What is Eichmann's fallacy?

prevailing belief that evil behaviors are done only by evil people

Explain the social impact theory

states that the amount of influence others have in a given situation (their social impact) is a function of three factors: their number, strength and their immediacy

How does their number impact the amount of influence they have?

as the number of influencing people increases, their individual impact decreases

How does their strength impact the amount of influence they have?

the strength of would-be influencers depends on their status, expertise and power

How does their immediacy impact the amount of influence they have?

the immediacy of others is determined by their closeness to the individual in time or space; others will have a greater social impact on you if they are physically present