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Health Disparities

Population, or group-specific differences in presence of disease, health outcomes, or access to health care. (Gaps in quality of health and healthcare)

Examples of gaps in quality of health care

-Lack of health insurance

-Lack of regular physician

-Lack of access to high quality, aggressive care

Reasons for Health Disparities



•Language barriers

•Education and health literacy

•Cultural differences/attitudes

•Social behaviors

•Unequal health care

A reason for older african americans having lower survival rate

Older African Americans Receive Lower Rate of Surgery And Have Lower Resulting Survival Rate


The degree to which a person is true to their personality, spirit, or characterdespite varying pressures or influences

John Russell's 2 Reflexive uses of the "Black Other"

1.Accept“racial status quo” - compensate for inferior status by asserting superiority

2.Reject“racial status quo” - assert solidarity with other “nonwhites”

Structural alienation

felt by youth who are politically or economically disenfranchised or critical of status quo

Social-psychological alienation

adolescent rebellion against parents and generational differences

Process of Assimilation

Warikoo examines youth preferences and tastes by viewing aspects of teens' lives not under parental control (ex. who they make friends with, ect.)

Markers of Ethnicity

Boundaries are the salient markers of ethnicity, not the cultural content

Signs of a "post-racial" America

-Minorities (non-whites) will be majority by 2050

-Increasing interracial marriage

-First black president

What does "minority" mean?

-Continuing disadvantaged status

-Past history of discrimination

-Numerical Vulnerability

Signs that we aren't post-racial

-Only 6 Black CEOs in Fortune 500

-Infant mortality rate for African Americans still high

-Residential Segregation Remains

Post-Racial America

A time in society where racial prejudice and discrimination no longer exist