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Skill Definition

- A skill is learned, unlike ability which is innate; it's natural and something you've inherited.

Skill Characteristics

- Aesthetically Pleasing

- Adaptable

- Consistent

- Co-ordinated

- Efficient

- Fluent

- Goal Orientated

- Minimal Outlay Of Energy

- Precise

Grouping Skills 1 - Open/Closed

- Based on the influence of the environmemt

- Open - Environment is constantly changing, Unstable, Need to make decisions based on changing environment.

- Closed - Stable, Predictable Environment, Dont need to make decisions based on environment.

Grouping Skills 2 - Discrete/Serial/Continuous

- Based on the continuity of the skill

- Discrete - Definite start, Definite end, identifiable

- Continuous - Repeating the same process over and over again

- Serial - Series of Discrete skills which are put together, combined to perform together

Grouping Skills 3 - Gross/Fine

- Based on the muscle groups used

- Gross - Uses big/powerful muscles and groups

- Fine - Small, delicate, fine, High Control

Grouping Skills 4 - Self/Externally Paced

- Based on the amount of control the performer has over the speed of execution

- Self Paced - You decide on the speed of movement, decide when to start it

- Externally Paced - No control of when to start the action, Don't Have a lot of control over the speed of execution or start.

Grouping Skills 5 - High/Low

- Based on how easily they can be broken down

- High - Can't be broken down easily into parts/subroutines

- Low - Can be easily broken down into Sub-routines