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function of the skeleton
framework for muscles and organs
Protects the brain, eyes, ears, and nose
26 bones - tarsals, metatarsals, phanlanges
33 linked bones (vertebrate) that get larger as they go down
Helps to kep you upright
tunnel runs down middle
connected to pelvis
upper leg - femur
kneecap - patella
lower leg - tibia-shinebone, fibula
rib cage
12 pairs of ribs
back linked to vertebrae
front linked to sternum
protects heart, lung, and other organs
arms and hands
clavicle and shoulder blade
upper arm (humerus)
lower arm (radius,ulna-longer
27 bones in wrist and hands
made of 5 fused vertebrae and hip bones
The largest area of rainforest in the world is found in what continent?
South America
The largest area of rainforest in the world is found in what country?
Tropical rainforest are located between the tropic of ___________ and the Tropic of __________.
Cancer and Capricorn
The very fallest tress in a rainforest are called understories or emergents
Give three reasons why rainforest are important to the world?
Rainforest supply oxygen, medicine and food.
Does it ever freeze in a tropical rainforest?
No, it never freezes in the rainforest. The average temperature is 77 degrees.
The understory, the area between the leaves and the grround is usually shady and cool or bright and hot?
The understory is shady and cool.
How many species of unsects live in rainforest? Millions or hundreds
Millions of insects live in rainforest.
Name the four layers of the rainforest.
The four layers of the rainforest are forest floor, understory, canopy, and emergent.
Name two animals that live on the forest floor?
insects, frogs, anteaters, panther
Name two animals that live in the understory?
snakes, panther
Name two animals that live in the canopy?
Many kinds of birds, monkeys, flying squirrels
Name two animals that live in the emergent layer?
butterflies and many kinds of birds
Name the longest river in South America.
The longest river is the Amazon River.
Name some very famous mountains in South America?
The Andes Mountains are located in South America.