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What organization was founded by Hector P. Garcia?
American GI Forum
What section of the Texas Constitution contains the Bill of Rights?
Article I
What two events happened in the 1930s?
the Depression and the Dust Bowl
What level of government bears the major burden for providing public schools in Texas?
State government
Who commanded the US Pacific Fleet during World War II?
Chester Nimitz
Who was the second woman governor of Texas?
Ann Richards
Why did Texas need railroads?
River transportation was dangerous and unpredictable
Land given to a railroad company to expand railroads in Texas
land grant
Last region of Texas to receive Rail service
With the coming of railroad, Fort Worth grew as a ____.
meat packing center
What happened in Galveston in 1900?
6000 people died in a hurricane
How would you describe the economy of the US and Texas in the 1920s?
It was booming
How did the Mexican Revolution affect the United States?
Pancho Villa raided border towns and killed Americans
What freedom did women gain in 1920?
the right to vote
Who was Miriam Ferguson?
First woman governor of Texas
Why did the US join in World War II?
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
What happened to the price of oil in the 1970s?
High prices because there was not enough oil
What is federalism?
form of government in which power is divided between a central authority and a number of its smaller parts
Who became president of the US after Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas?
Lyndon B. Johnson
The sinking of what ship brought the United States into World War I?
the Lusitania
What laws enforced segregation after Reconstruction?
Jim Crow Laws
What do we call the first ten amendments to the US constitution?
the Bill of Rights
What does freedom of assembly mean?
the freedom to meet as a group
What level of government provides over 50% of the money that goes to school?
local government
How many constitutions has Texas had?
What is popular sovereignty?
principle that all power comes from the people
What is another word for Duty?
What is an Amendment?
a change or addition to a constitution
What group of people were discriminated against after World War I?
What year was the current
constitution of Texas adopted?
What is a constitution?
a written plan of government
What means relating to cities or city areas?
How did farmers adapt to conditions in West Texas?
by using dry farming
What group fought for prohibition?
Women's Christian Temperance Union
How did farmers in the 1900s increase their crop production?
by using the steam powered tractor
Rail roads were enouraged in Texas by local governments offering _____.
Cash bonuses
Growth of railroad in Texas resulted in ____.
opening of new businesses
Place where crude oil is processed into a variety of products
Place where Pattillo Higgins and Anthony F. Lucas found oil