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Where is the default site configuration located?

/app_config/Sitecore.config under site

How can you install a package in Sitecore?

a. Installation Wizard

b. Sitecore Rocks

c. Control Panel

What static class contains the information about the current HTTP request and your site installation?


How can you retrieve your site's start item location programmatically?

String startPath = Sitecore.Context.Site.StartPath Item Homepage = Sitecore.Context.Database.GetItem(startPath)

What's the recommended practices for a multisite implementation?

a. Creating a folder for each site

b. Ensuring that each site folder has its own Home item

c. Storing shared content outside of each site folder

Sitecore Rocks allows you to:

a. Create and manage site content from the Visual Studio

b. Create Presentation component items and code files

c. Integrate with your visual studio project

d. Use site management tools

e. Create and Install Sitecore packages

A Sitecore item consists of:

Fields and Field Sections

A template defines:

a. Type of item

b. Field sections

c. Field names

d. Field types

What does the field type determine for the field in the Content Editor and the Experience Editor?

Editor Control

(T/F) Modifying the base template of the template affects all items immediately


The Tokens in the standard values are:

a. $name

b. $date

c. $now

What option overrides the Field Name in Sitecore interface?


Sitecore publishes items from master database to:

Web database

Sitecore groups files in layers and maps each layer to a folder in the ______ folder


What are the two types of rendering most commonly used in Sitecore

a. View Rendering

b. Controller Rendering

Which rendering is used only occasionally?

Item Rendering

What renderings are supported only for legacy reasons?

a. Method Rendering

b. XSLT Rendering

c. Url Rendering

Where do you create a model in Sitecore for structured data to be consumed by MVC view?


What steps are required for a custom route in Sitecore?

a. Define a custom route

b. Register the custom route

What layer of the Sitecore Architecture Conventions contains the concrete features of the solution?


Which layer is the lowest level and most stable layer in Helix?


Which layer contains the framework such as Sitecore, .Net, Bootstrap, Jquery etc. ?


What can use to access the xDB core?

xConnect Client API

The client has direct access to the collection database or the search index. (T/F)


What single end point named is used by the collection and Search in the development environment?


Where do you configure the xConnect end points?


Which one of the following can help you connect to Sitecore using a Console application?

xConnect Client API

Which Web API the Sitecore.Services.Client uses as a foundation?


What advanced search option can be used to locate exactly the item you are looking for in the Content tree?

a. Facets

b. Filters

In a Multilanguage solution, which functionality will help you to control the items or fields to reuse content from another language?

a. Language Fallback

b. Multilanguage Fallback

The fallback language can be enabled where

a. Items

b. Fields

(T/F) Item and Field fallback on the same items should not be used at the same time.


Which one of the following language fallback is enabled by default on the templates that dictionary entries are based on?

Item-level fallback

What field types cannot be rendered directly in Sitecore?

a. Reference another item: Droplink, Grouped Droplink, Droptree

b. Multiple References: Treelist, TreelistEx, Multilist, Checklist, Multilist with Search

c. Boolean: Check box

What class types can be used for fields that cannot be rendered directly?

a. ReferenceField

b. MultilistField

c. CheckboxField

(T/F) The developers should use ContentSearch for the best performance in Sitecore.


What should you use instead of var in foreach loop with the childlist?


LINQ is useful in Sitecore for:

Filtering small collection of items

(T/F) The Search Facets are calculated after the search


(T/F) Administrators can add facets for other fields/properties


The search interface operations allows you to:

Run bulk operations over all the search results

(T/f) All fields are indexed by default in Sitecore.


What are benefits of using Item buckets in Sitecore?

a. Reduce the number of children per item

b. Hide folder structure and content from Editor's view

c. Allow editors to search the content by bringing the search interface to the forefront

List two libraries that developer needs to construct a search in Sitecore:

a. Sitecore.ContentSearch

b. Sitecore.ContentSearch.Linq

What LINQ IQueryable methods are not supported in Sitecore?

a. GroupBy

b. Aggregate

c. Sum

(T/F) The best practice is to set presentation details on the standard values?


If the Sitecore page is displaying an error "no layout", what’s can be the possible cause of this error?

Presentation details are not set

Presentation in Sitecore is carried out by:

a. Layout

b. Component

Layout in Sitecore is:

Scaffold of the page

Which property of an item stores the information that Sitecore requires to build a page response?

Presentation Details

Which one of the following form a layout in Sitecore?

a. .cshtml file

b. Definition Item

Which field of the definition item links with the layout .cshtml file?

Path field

What Sitecore helper you will use to render field values to a page?


What rendering should only display logic? (this ones weird)

View Rendering

Which one of the following is the default model used by the components in Sitecore?


The field helper will accept the following arguments:

Field Name, Item, Set of parameters