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What is work as in the scientific
you do work on an object when you
exert force on the object that
causes the object to move some
What formula is used to calculate
Work= Force x Distance
What SI unit is used to measure
newton x meter or one joule (j)
What is the scientific definition
of machine?
A machine is a device with which you can do work in a way that is easier or more effective.
What formula is used to calculate
Work= Force x Distance
How does a machine make work easier?
By changing the amount of force
you exert and, the direction a which you exert that force
What is the force you exert on a machine called?
What is the force exerted by the machine called?
What is the formula for finding
the mechanical advantage?
Output force
Input force
What is meant by the efficiency of a
the efficiency compares the output work to the inputwork
What is actual mechanical advantage?
Actual mechanical advantage provides a real life situation, and it measures true input and output
What is ideal mechanical advantage?
A machine without friction, the more efficient a machine is the closer they are to ideal
What is a first class lever by definition?
input force is greater than the distance from the fulcrum to the output force, these levers also change the direction of input force
What is the second class lever by definition
These levers multiply force, they do not change the direction of the input force
What is the definition of a third class lever
These levers multiply distance but do not change direction or input force
What are the six simple machines?
incline plane, the wedge, the screw, the lever, the wheel and axle, the pulley
What is an incline plane
What force can you exert over a long distance
is a flat slanted surface

input force
What is a wedge
what force is lessened here
a device that is thick at one end and tapers thin at one end

input force
What is a screw/
What force is applied to create a longer distance
an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder\ input force
What is a lever?
What is a fulcrum?
What force does lever foces on and what does it do?
A rigid bar that is free to pivot,to rotate, about a fixed point

the fixed point that a lever pivots around
increases the effect of input force, change s the direction of input force
What is an wheel and axle?
How does the wheel and axle make work easier?
made up of two cylindrical objects that are fastened togther and rotate on a common axis.

multiples the force over a long distance
What is a Pulley
What force is exert and how
is a grooved wheel with a rope(or a chain, even a steel cable)

input force, you can change the amount and direction
what simple machine is your body mostly made up of
Give three examples of those
Levers, joint the top your neck, biceps, calf muscles and the ball of your foot
what simple machine do your teeth resemble?
Explain how your teeth work