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The leaders in tree breeding in BC are:

- Forest Genetics Council of BC

- SelectSeed Ltd

- Tree Improvement Branch

- Research innovation and Knowledge Management Branch

- ArborGen

- Seed Orchard Managers

Section 8 of Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use describes 6 classes of genetic material. The classes are:

- Natural stand

- Untested parent trees

- Superior provenance

- Tested parent trees

- Custom lot

- Non-BC sources

SPZ means

Natural stand Seed Planting Zone

BGC means

Biogeoclimatic zone

QCI Means

Queen Charlotte Islands

What is SPAR

Seed Planning and Registry System. Specifies seed transfer limits for each seed lot in the communication system

(T or F) Only genetic material used according to Transfer Limits specified by Regulation may be used to reforest Crown Land in BC


(T or F) All genetic material used to reforest Crown Land in BC must be registered by the Ministry of Forests and stored at the Tree Seed Center


(T or F) GMO's should be registered

False - No GMO's may be registered

(T or F) Collections from plantations may be registered

False - No collections from plantations may be registered

(T or F) All mixes must be registered

False - No mixes may be registered

(T or F) Each unique collection of genetic material is assigned a Seedlot Number or Vegetative Lot number and transfer limits

True :)

(T or F) The minimum parental contribution is 10 trees for natural stands

True :P

(T or F) Genetic material must be used according to Regulations


(T or F) Records must be kept of where material is used and reported to the government annually


(T or F) The best available genetic quality material must be used last

False - the best available genetic quality material must be used first

The best available genetic material is the seedlot listed on SPAR with the following attributes:

- Highest Genetic Class and Genetic Worth

- Of a preferred species to be planted

- Meets transfer rules for use in a specified location

Available surplus (SPAR code for "on sale")

Define Genetic Worth

It is the ranking system for breeding attributes; Growth, wood relative Density and pest Resistance expressed as a % increase compared to natural stand averages

(T or F) 95% of genetic material used by a Licensee in any year must comply with regulations


a Seed Planning Zone (SPZ)

Describes areas in which genetic material may be used. Similar to BGC zones.

There are two sets of SPZ's:

Those for genetic material from natural stands and those from tested parent trees

Transfer limitations

- Elevation

- Latitude


What is an SPU

A Seed Planning Unit. SPU's are related to SPZ's but SPU's may vary in extent because of the confidence gained through testing