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Give Orders





Blue Circles

Blue Circles

Mandatory Instructions

Red Ring

Red Ring

Says what you must not do.

Blue Rectangle

Blue Rectangle

Used for information (Directions on the motorway)

Green Rectangle

Green Rectangle

Directions for Primary Routes.

White Rectangle

White Rectangle

Directions for Non-Primary Routes.

Distance to Stop Line

Distance to Give Way Line

Traffic Signals Ahead

Traffic Signals only operate at a certain time.



Side Road

Staggered Junction

Traffic Merges from Left

Traffic Merges onto main carriageway


Bend to Right (Can be reversed)

Double bend - First to left (Can be reversed)

Junction on bend (Junction can be on inside/Can be reversed)

Plate used with 'roundabout' or 'bend' signs

Risk of lorries overturnong on bend to left (Can be reveresed)

Sharp deviation of route to left (Can be reversed)

Block Paving incorporated into roundabout to indicate sharp deviation of route.

Plate used with warning signs where a reduction in speed is necessary.

Road narrows on both sides

Road narrows on right (Can be reversed)

Plate used with road narrows sign

Single file traffic in each direction

Road only wide enough for one line of vehicles

End of Dual Carriageway

Two way Traffic

Two Way traffic on route crossing ahead

Worded warning (Flood/Gate/Gates/No smoking)

Try brakes after crossing a ford or before descending a steep hill.

Steep hill downwards (10% = 1:10)

Steep hill Upwards (10% = 1:5)

Sign used with 'steep hill' or 'try your brakes' sign.

[and variations of] Plates used with 'steep hill' signs

Opening/Swing bridge ahead

Quayside/River bank sign

Edge of bridge Parapet/Abutment wall/Tunnel Mouth

Water Course alongside road

Soft Verges for distance shown


Hump Bridge

Uneven road

Slippery Road

Side Winds

Distance and direction to hazard

Distance to Hazard

Distance over which hazard extends

Low-Flying aircraft or sudden aircraft noise.

[Paired with Aircraft sign] Gliders likely

Low - Flying helicopters or sudden helicopter noise

Risk of falling/Fallen rocks

Traffic queues are likely ahead

Slow-moving military vehicles likely to be in or crossing the road.

Slow moving vehicles for distance shown.

Riske of ice/Snowdrifts

Warning of Signals [Fire may be varied to ambulance.]

Other danger [Plate indicates nature of hazard]

Zebra Crossing

Pedestrians in road for distance shown

Frail pedestrians likely to cross

'Disabled People'

'Disabled People'

Disabled pedestrians crossing [could be varied to blind]

Children going to and from school [Plate could read school/playground/disabled children]

Pedestrians likely to be crossing when there is no formal crossing point

Horse drawn vehicles likelly to be in road

Accompanied horses likely to be in or crossing road.

Wild Horses/Ponies

Wild animals

Wild Fowl

Migratory toad crossing


Agricultural Vehicles

Cattle grid (Sometimes with indication of bypass for horse drawn vehicles and animals)

Supervised cattle crossing ahead

Area infected by animal disease