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Guava Maitai

Pine Cruzan Rum 1 1/2 oz

Ogreat syrup 1/2

Guava juice 2 oz

Sammy beach Macnut dark rum float

Lime, orchid

Ilikai Sunrise

Captain Morgan 1 1/4

Triple sec 1/2

Papaya 1 oz

Lime juice 1/2 oz

Oj 1 oz

Blend without ice then pour over ice bucket

Mokes mule

Sky vodka 2 oz

Lime juice 1/4

Dash bitters 2 dash

House ginger ale soda 2 oz

Lime & mint soda

Bucket glass

Puna Blue

Sky vodka 1 1/4 oz

Grapefruit juice 3 oz

Lychee juice 2 oz

Blue curacao float 1 oz

Lychee on skewer & orchid

Beach Runner

Cruzan light rum 1 1/4

Half pine juice

Half sprite

Dark rum float

Lime garnish


Cool as Kyuri

Salted rim

Cucumber Vodka 1 oz

Sawanotsuro deluxe sake 1 oz

Fleur Elderflower liqueur 3/4

Lime juice 1/2 oz

Simple syrup 1/2

Grapefruit juice 1 1/2 oz

Add juices and liquors to mixing tin with ice shake. Strain over ice in

Bucket glass

Shiso lonely

Yukari powder rim

Patron silver 1oz

Sawanotsuro sake 1 oz

Strawberry puree 1/2 oz

Lime juice 3/4

Simple syrup 1/2

Handful mint


Rakkyo world dirty martini

Tito's vodka 11/2 oz

Splash vermouth (sweet)

Olive juice 1 oz

Rakkyo onion juice 1 oz

Bathing Wahine


Elderflower liqueur

Simple syrup

Lemon juice