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Nic Torraco

Brother Nicholas Reed Torraco

Gamma Tau 1465

Lincoln, Nebraska

Materials Science Engineering and Product Design

Ben Nash*

Need info

Tommy McQuillan*

Brother Thomas John McQuillan

Gamma Tau 1467

Mendota Heights, MN


Hayden Rensch

Brother Hayden Daniel Rensch

Gamma Tau 1469

Rapid City, Iowa


Alex Cohen*

Brother Alexander Nathan Cohen

Gamma Tau 1470

Kurtis Conkel

Brother Kurtis Richard Conkel

Gamma Tau 1471

Lincoln, Nebraska

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Gabe Berlovitz

Brother Gabriel Lee Berlovitz

Gamma Tau 1472

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Political Science

Andrew Constans (Squirrel)

Brother Andrew Foster Constans

Gamma Tau 1473

Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Adam Gibis

Brother Adam Wayne Gibis

Gamma Tau 1474

Eagon, Minnesota


Connor Johnson (CoJo)*

Need info

Ryan Kennedy*

Need info

Adam Siegfried

Brother Adam Alan Siegfried

Gamma Tau 1480

Golden Valley, Minnesota

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Management Minor

Mike Plant

Brother Michael Joseph Plant

Gamma Tau 1481

Naperville, Illinois


John Mundahl

Brother John Harris Mundahl

Gamma Tau 1482

Hopkins, Minnesota

Biomedical Engineering

Jake Iveland

Brother Jacob David Blaschko-Iveland

Gamma Tau 1483

St. Peter, Minnesota

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Jimmy Prince

Brother James Andrew Prince

Gamma Tau 1484

Grayslake, Illinois

Industrial and Systems Engineering, Management Minor

Kevin Szeluga

Brother Kevin Thaddeus Szeluga

Gamma Tau 1485

Elmhurst, Illinois

MIS and Finance

Matt Mason

Brother Matthew Richard Mason

Gamma Tau 1486

Naperville, Illinois

Mathematics with an emphasis in Applied Science

Richard Lu*

Brother Yubo Richard Lu

Gamma Tau 1487

Plymouth, Minnesota

Nick Eagon

Brother Nicholas John Eagon

Gamma Tau 1488

Hopkins, Minnnesota

Marketing, International Business

Michael Koza*

Brother Michael Edward Koza

Jansen Loeb

Brother Jansen Michael Loeb

Gamma Tau 1491

Plymouth, Minnesota

Business Management Education

Tommy Winderl

Brother Thomas Burd Winderl

Gamma Tau 1492

Plymouth, Minnesota


Blake McManu

Brother Blake Patrick McManus

Gamma Tau 1493

Blaine, Minnesota

Healthcare Service Management

Sam Seiffert*

Brother Samson Michael Seiffert

Gamma Tau 1496

Maple Grove, MN

Marketing and Entrepreneural Management

Oliver Sogard*

Brother Oliver Thomas Sogard

Gamma Tau 1498

Williston, ND


Connor Meyer

Brother Connor Dane Meyer

Gamma Tau 1499

Fairmont, North Dakota


Eli Lee*

Need info

Nick Ohren

Brother Nicholas Michael Ohren

Gamma Tau 1502

Altoona, Wisconsin


Matt Ripple*

Brother Matthew Thomas Ripple

Gamma Tau 1503

Madison, Wisconsin

John Wendorf

Brother John Robert Wendorf

Gamma Tau 1504

Madison, Wisconsin

Business Finance and Entrepreneurship

Sam Wolfe

Brother Samuel Edward Swolfe

Gamma Tau 1505

Madison, Wisconsin


Jae Williams*

Need info

Fred Werner

Brother Frederick Bowler Werner

Gamma Tau 1507

St. Paul, Minnesota


Tomasz Karwas

Brother Tomasz Sylwester Karwas

Gamma Tau 1508

Rivergrove, Illinois


Mikal Baschnagel

Brother Mikal Brian Baschnagel

Gamma Tau 1509

St. Paul, Minnesota


Jon Lee*

Need info

Matt Miner*

Need info

Alex Ruhland

Brother Alex John Ruhland

Gamma Tau 1512

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Syrus Jalali*

Brother Syrus Jalali

Gamma Tau 1513

Shoreview, Minnesota

Alec Nassirzadeh

Brother Alec Jon Nassirzadeh

Gamma Tau 1515

Hutchinson, Minnesota


Brandon Gray

Brother Brandon Lee Gray

Gamma Tau 1516

Faribault, Minnesota

Construction Management

Warren Chetosky*

Brother Warren Kuessner Chetosky

Gamma Tau 1517

Hinsdale, Illinois

Medical Engineering

Tim Weiner

Brother Timothy Daniel Weiner

Gamma Tau 1518

Eden Prairie, Minnesota


Matt Lentz

Brother Matthew Scott Lentz

Gamma Tau 1519

Watertown, South Dakota


Louis Rouffaud

Brother Louis Auguste Rouffad

Gamma Tau 1520

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Zack Corneliusen

Brother Zackary Tyler Corneliusen

Gamma Tau 1521

Williston, North Dakota


Daniel Hansen*

Need info

Joey Galin

Brother Joseph Brett Galin

Gamma Tau 1523

LaGrange, Illinois


Vaheed Nejad*

Brother Vaheed Hossein Nejad

Gamma Tau

Shoreview, MN

Luis Antillon*

Need info

Alex Kunkel

Brother Alexander Chad Kunkel

Gamma Tau 1526

Batavia, Illinois


Nick Murray*

Brother Nicholas

Tyler Klancke

Brother Tyler William Klancke

Gamma Tau 1528

Minnetonka, Minnesota


Kunle Fawole*

Need info

Benton Dustman*

Need info