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How, indeed, could he not know love, he who has recognized all humanity's vanity and __________________, yet loves humanity so much that he has devoted a long life solely to help and teach people?
I should prefer it if you would give me some old clothes and keep me here as your assistant, or rather your _________, for I must learn how to handle the boat.
I hoarded money, I ________ money, I acquired a taste for rich food. I learned to stimulate my sense.
Kamaswami ___________ him for not returning immediately, for wasting time and money.
If you find _____________, come back, and we shall again offer sacrifices to the gods together.
Or are we perhaps going in circles -- we who thought to escape from the ______?
The water changed to ______ and rose, became rain and came down again, became spring, brook and river, changed anew, flowed anew.
Who would not willingly give advice to a poor, ignorant Samana who comes from the _________ in the forest.
He had a happy knack and surpassed the merchant in calmness and ___________, and in the art of listening and making a good impression on strange people.
Meditation is a temporary ___________against the pain and folly of life.
Govinda knew that he would not become an ordinary Brahmin, a lazy sacrificial official, an avaricious dealer in magic sayings, a conceited worthless ________, a wicked sly priest, or just a good stupid sheep amongst a large herd.
Without quite knowing what was happening, Siddhartha was led away quickly by the servant, conducted by a _____________route to a garden house, presented with a gown, let into the thicket and expressly instructed to leave the grove unseen, as quickly as possible.
In the evening, however, when the heat _______ and everyone in the camp was alert and gathered together, they heard the Buddha preach.
And remembering Kamala's words, he was never ___________ to the merchant, but compelled him to treat him as an equal and even more than his equal.
Amongst the thousands there have been a few, four or five, to whom the river was not an ___________.
It seemed to him that they had been arrogant and ____________ words.
You show the world as a complete, unbroken chain, an _________ chain, linked together by cause and effect.
Their vanities, desires, and _____________ no longer seemed absurd to him; they had become understandable, lovable, and even worthy of respect.
There is, so I believe, in the _______ of everything, something that we cannot call learning.
I am no longer what I was, I am no longer an __________, no longer a priest, no longer a brahmin.
Every finger of his hand spoke of peace, spoke of completeness, sought nothing, imitated nothing, reflected a continuous quiet, and unfading light, an ___________ peace.
They themselves intended to _________ from food that day.
What I have so far learned from the Samanas, I could have learned more quickly and easily in every inn in a prostitute's _________, amongst the carriers and dice players.
The river seemed like a god to him and for many years he did not know that every wind, every cloud, every bird, every beetle is equally divine and knows and can teach just as well as the _______ river.
He was overwhlemed by a feeling of icy _____, but he was more firmly himself than ever.