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What is a short story?
"a short story is an account of a single incident or experience that reflects upon human nature, human feelings, and the human condition."

It usually takes place over a short period of time and involves only one or two main characters!
What is Human Nature?
Refers to the way all most humans react to certain situations
What is Human Feelings?
Emotions that all certain human beings share.
What is Human condition?
The state where all humans find themselves, something they cant escape
What is Setting and the three functions?
Setting: The time and place of the action-societal attitudes, coltural norms (expected behaviors of a culture)

1.Create mood or atmosphere (it creates the mood for the reader)
2. Reveal Character
3.Cause or Influence action
What is Allusion?
Allusion is Reference to a statement, a person,a place, or an event from literature, history, religion, mythology, politics, or pop culture.

(i.e.--Starbucks is an allusion for literature because Starbucks is from the book Moby dick about a character who loves character)
What is foreshadowing?
The use of clues to hint at events that will occur later in a plot. Foreshadowing is used to build suspense and, sometimes, anixiety in the reader or viewer
What is Mood?
mood can be created by the setting and can affect the way we feel. This can be accomplished through descriptive language, and directly involves the reader.
What is symbolisim?
a person, place, or thing, or even that stands for itself and for something else beyond itself as well.

i.e. a scale has a real existence for an object that measures weight, but also is used as a symbol for justice
What is Tone?
The attitude a writer takes toward the audience, a subject, or a character, tone is conveyed through the writers choice of words and details.

(i.e. Dr.suess's books are playful and humourus in tone)
What is irony?
Irony is contrast or discrepancy between expectation and reality, between what is said and what is really meant, between what is expected to happen an what really does happen or between what appears to be true and what is really true
What is Verbal Irony?
a writer or speaker says one thing but really means something complelty different
i.e. if you call a clumsy basket ball player "the next Michael Jordan" you are using verbal irony
What is Situational Irony?
A contrast between what we expect and reality. (oocurs when there is a contrast between what would seem appropiate and what really happens or when there is a contradiction between what we expect to happen and what really does take plate.)
Dramatic Irony?
occurs when the audience or the reader knows something important that a character in a play or story does not know

i.e. Romeo and Juliet