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What is a short story?
a story intended to be read in 1 sitting; limited in they don’t include extras
1 sitting, no extras
What is a novel?
novel: long invented prose narrative
What is a novella?
novella: a brief novel or long short story
breif novel
Define fiction
fiction: literature that is not true
not false
define plot
The pattern of events or main story in a narrative or drama
pattern events
exposition: a setting forth of the meaning or purpose; “exposing in the beginning of the story”
i. Establishes the setting
ii. Gives an idea of the conflict
iii. Gives a hint of who the protagonist may be
beginning of plot curve
rising action
rising action: The events leading to the climax.
The turning point of a story’ intense; no significant information is given after it
turn the corner
falling action
The events following the climax
follow the middler
The final resolution or outcome of the conflict
the main character that has the problem
good guy
the person, place, idea, or physical force opposing the protagonist
bad guy
characterization: The way the author develops a character
a. physical description of person or kind of person
b. character’s speech, actions, and thoughts
c. others’ opinions or a description by another character
d. character’s response/reactions when interacting with others

9. Characterization of protagonist: a description of the main character or characters
a. trait: A long-term behavior or characteristic
b. feeling: a short-term emotional response to a particular situation
c. attitude: their attitude
trait feeling attitude
the place and time the story takes place
place and time
the message hidden in the story by the author not moral
authors like moral
conflict and types
the protagonist’s problem in the story; a struggle between 2 opposing forces; can be external (physical) or internal (conscience), or a combination of both
a. Man vs. man
b. Man vs. society
c. Man vs. environment
d. Man vs. himself
e. Man vs. supernatural/G-d
f. Man vs. Technology
types all have man
A literary or cinematic device in which an earlier event is inserted into the normal chronological order of a narrative.
author gives hints of signs of what is to come
to come
Choice and use of words in speech or writing.
words in writting
The practice of representing things by means of symbols or of attributing symbolic meanings or significance to objects, events, or relationships.
The attitude of the AUTHOR toward the theme; the twist the author gives on the theme – agree or disagree, positive or negative
attitude of author
point of view
point of view: who tells the story
a. first person: major or minor character tells the story using I or we
b. third person limited: he, she, they – narrator presents the information through the eyes of a character whose knowledge of events is limited
c. third person omniscient: narrator can comment on any actions or thoughts (all knowing)
first to third unlimited
irony: A literary style employing such contrasts for humorous or rhetorical effect.
a. situational: Discrepancy between appearance and reality, expectation and outcome, or reality and the way things should be
b. dramatic: a relationship of contrast between a character's limited understanding of his or her situation in some particular moment of the unfolding action and what the audience, at the same instant, understands the character's situation actually to be.
c. verbal: The speaker intends to be understood as meaning something that contrasts with the literal or usual meaning of what he says
verbal situational dramatic
Author of Stop the Sun
Gary Paulsen
Gary indianda
author of the lottery
shirley jackson
not micheal jacksons sister
author of the git of the maji
o henry
learned about hiim last year
author of walter mitty
James Thurber
weird name
athor of the necklace
Gay de maupassant
its french
the author of the lady and the tiger
Frank R. Stockton
stock a ton
author of appointment with love
S L kishor
initial intitial last name
author of thank you mam
Langston Hughs
Hugh Fintzhugh
author of to build a fire
Jack London
Call of the wild
basic plot and climax of stop the sun
climax-when he asks his father about the war
plot- terry's father has some illness that terry doesn't understand
war story
setting of stop the sun
a long time after the vietnam war, present time, suburb
sorta like now
main characters of stop the sun
terry, his father, his mother
a family
theme and symbolisim of stop the sun
theme-vietnam syndrom, you can't understand something you haven't gone through
symbolism - no sun equals safty
thing about wat the story was about
conflict and type of stop the sun
man vs. himself and man vs. man
terry doesn't understand his fathers illness, and his father is battleing with a hard illness
basic plot and climax of the lottery
climax - drawing from the box
plot- a village draws from a box to kill someone each year
think abut the story
setting of the lottery
june 27th, summer, village, past
june something
main characters of the lottery
the town, tessie hutchinson
theme and symbolism of the lottery
twisted society(theme)
black box-death
conflict and type of the lottery
man vs. society
tessie gets picked from the black box
think of village
basic plot and climax of the gift of the maji
basic plot-a man and a woman buy presents for each other by selling what the other baought something for and they are poor
climax - della sells her hair
setting of the girft of the maji
a long time ago in a city
sorta like new york
main characters of the gift of the maji
della and jim
wife and husband
theme and symbols in the gift of the maji
theme-irony, gift giving
symbols - dellas hair and jims watch - pride and joy, the presents - love
conflict and type of gift of the maji
man vs. himself

they self their pride and joy for each other out of love
basic plot and climax of the necklace
plot- a poor woman maries a clerk her husband was limited to go to a ball but she had no jewels or niceousifts and she gets a necklace but loses it and replaces it for more than worth anf they end up running their life
climax- losing the necklace
losing a jewel
setting of the necklace
france, 1800's
paris, place where
main characters of the necklace
Mathilde Loisel
a movie about a little girl who has powers
theme and symbols of the necklace
theme- tell the truth
symbols - nechlace -impotance, responsibilty
the truth
conflict and type of the necklace
man vs. himself, she loses the necklace and has to spend 10 years of her life to replace it
basic plot and climax of appointment with love
plot - a man goes to new york to meet his pen pal
climax- a minute til six
six is so soon
setting of appointment with love
new york city, new york, train station
a bif city where my brother lives
main characters of appointment with love
Lieutenant Blandford and the author
part of an army
theme and symbols of appointment with love
theme- love is wats on the inside not the out
symbols - the book, love, mirical
the flower- the author
2 symbols and a saying
conflict and tyoe of appointment with love
man vs himself
a man goes to meet the love of his life but doesn't no wat she looks like and a fat ugly woman goes up to him right afte a beutiful women walks by and he is tested to see if he choses the right women
basic plot and climax in thank you mam
plot- a boy trys to steal from a woman but she catches him and takes him home to clean up
climax- cleaning and taking care of the boy
steeling is bad
setting of thnk you mam
a city
dunt no much
main characters of thank you mam
rodger and mrs. luella bates washington jones
wat a long name
theme and symbols of thank you mam
theme- don't steal, treat everyone with care
symbols- the purse, everything she had
steeling is bad
conflict and type of thank you mam
a boy trys to steal from a lady but she basically kidnaps him cleans him up and teaches him a lesson
man vs man or man vs himself
2 types
basic plot and climax of the lady and the tiger
a king puts people on trial in an area and they have to choice between to doors one has a tiger and one has a lady
climax- the barberian goes on trial
tiger and lady
setting of the lady and the tiger
olden time, roman empire, an arena
main characters of the lady and the tiger
a man, the princess, the king
theme and symbols of the lady
theme- a hard choice
symbols- lady, innocent, free
tiger - death, guilty
conflict and type of the lady and the tiger
man vs man, he has to choice which door and the princess knows and tells him to go to the right
basic plot and climax of to build a fire
plot- a guy is walking through the yukon with his dog
climax- idk
idk climax
setting of to build a fire
very cold
main characters of to build a fire
the man and his dog
theme and symbols of to build a fire
the fire- life
theme- don't go walking through the yukon
conflict and tyoe of to build a fire
a man is walking throught the yukon, runs out of food, and can't buid a fire
man vs. nature
battle with the cold