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What bones make up the bony pelvis (pelvic girdle)?
Hip bones, sacrum, & caudal vertebrae
What is the common name for the os coxae?
Hip bones, coxal bones
Of what does the hip bone consist?
Fused ilium, ischium, pubis & acetabular bones
What hip bone concavity articulates with the head of the femur?
What are the large openings in the floor of the pelvic girdle?
Obturator foramina
What part of the ilium articulates with the sacrum?
What is the junction of the right and left os coxae?
Pelvic symphysis
What is the bony entrance into the pelvis?
Pelvic inlet
What does the pelvic girdle enclose?
What is the palpable prominence of the lateral wing of the ilium?

What is the common name?
Tuber coxae/ point of hip
What is the thick, caudal part of the ischium?
Ischiatic tuberosity
What medial process of the wing of the ilium is next to the sacrum?
Tuber sacrale
What is the caudal indentation between the ischiatic tuberosities?
Ischiatic arch
What large prominence is lateral to the head of the femur?
Greater Trochanter of the femur
What is the prominence distal to the head of the femur (medial side)?
Lesser Trochanter
The petella articulates with the _______ surface of the femur.
Trochlea or patellar surface of trochlea of the femur
What depression on the head of the femur is for the round ligament?
Fovea capitis
What joins the head of the femur with the body of the femur?
Neck of femur
What is the depression between the trochanters of the femur?
Trochanteric fossa
What small process is distal to the greater trochanter of the femur?
Third Trochanter
What are the large knuckle like structures on the distal femur?
Medial and lateral condyle
What is the depression between the lateral condyle and the trochlea of the femur for the attachment of the long digital extensor muscle?
Extensor fossa
What is the medial and lateral elevation on the distal femur?
Medial and Lateral epicondyles
What is the knee cap?
What are the two sesamoid bones in the heads of the gastrocnemius?
Medial & lateral sesamoids (fabellae) of the gastrocnemius muscle