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a river receives water and sediment from a tributary-a smaller river or stream that flows into it
oxbow lakes
a meander cut off from a river by depositation of sediment
valley widening
as a river approaches sea level, it may meander more and develop a wider valley and a broader flood plain
where a river flows into the ocean, the river deposits sediments, forming a delts. In california, sacromento river and the San Joaquin river join to from large delta with many channels.
v-shaped valley
near its source, a river often flows through a deep, ______.
waterfalls and rapids
they are common were the river passes over harder rock
where a river flows across easily eropded sediment, its channel bends from side to side in a series of _____.
flood plain
forms when a river's power of erosion widens its valley rather than deepening it.
sand carried down stream by rivers spreads along the coast to form beaches.