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Define sex identity

A biological term.

Childs sexy can be determined through their hormones and chromosomes, showing weather or not they are female or male

Define gender identity

A psychological term

A child's gender can be identified by their attitudes and behaviour

Determines if child gender identity is masculine or feminine

What is the male hormone


What is the female hormone


What are male chromosomes


What are female chromosomes


What's feminine gender behaviour

Pink clothes

Playing with dolls

What's masculine gender behaviour

Playing football

Being aggressive

What are factors that could affect a persons gender identity





What's the Phallic stage

Frauds third stage of psychosexual development

Gender development takes place

Define identification

To adopt the attitudes and behaviour of the same sex parents

What's the Oedipus complex

The conflict experienced by a boy in the phallic stage because he unconciously desires his mother and is afraid of his father

When does the phallic stage occur

The ages between 3 and 5

What was little hans phoebia

He was afraid of horses

Why was little hans afraid of thks

He though the horse would bite him

What did Freud claim that hans was experiencing

The oedipus complex

Sexually desired mum and placed fear of his father into horses

What is the Electra complex

The conflict experienced by a girl because she unconsciously desires her father and is afraid of loosing her mothers love

What does the conciois part of freuds model of personality hold

Thoughts wishes desires we can cope with

We are aware of this part

What is the unconscious part of memory holding

Full of wishes, urges and inate drives

What is psychotherapy

Giving people insight into what's causing the problem

Making people make a free association

Catharsis and when does this happen

The letting go of psyco energy so they feel better

edipus compex when they think dad are going to shop their balls off

What's your ego

The part of personality that develops to serve the id

What's the super ego

Takes on board the morals and rule and norms of society

What does freud think your gender development in a lone-parent household will be

he thinks he/she will have a poorly developed gender identity because they do not experience and resolve the oedipus/electra complex

what does freud think will happen to a boy who is brought up without a father

he will not develop a masculine gender identity because he does not have a male to identify with during the phallic stage of development

He also claimed the boy would become homosexual

what is gender disturbance

not developing the gender identity usually associated with ones sex

what are some evaluation points of the psychodynamic theory of gender development

Difficult to test - based on unconscious thoughts and feelings

raise of lone parent families - no rise in homosexual population. other psychologists have shown a wide range of people not just parents influence a childs development

little evidence - little hans = one child - findings cant be generalised

what is the social learning theory

gender is learnt by watching and copying the behaviours of others

processes : modelling, imitation, vicarious reinforcement

what is vicarious reinforcement

learning from the models being eiether rewarded or punished

What are some evaluation points of the social learning theory

+ well supported by research - lots of studies - gender through observation and imitation of models

- no explain about children in one parent families without strong role model don't have problems with developing their gender

- not explain why children of same sex brought up in same household with same role models can behave differently. one could be more masculine than the other