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Pont du Gard, Nimes, France, Roman art

Augustus of Prima porta, Roman art

Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Peace), Roman art

Initiation Rites of the Cult of Bacchus in the Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, Roman art

Still Life, House of the Stags, Herculaneum, Roman art

The Arch of Titus, Roman art

Flavian Amphitheater (Colosseum), Roman art

Pantheon, Roman art

Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius, Roman art

The Tetrarchs, Roman art

Constantine the Great, Roman art

Crucifixion, Church of the Dormition, Byzantine art

Anastasis, Church of the Monastery of Christ in Chora, Byzantine art

Andrey Rublyov, The Hospitality of Abraham, Byzantine art

Chi Rho Iota Page from the Book of Kells, Early Medieval art

Hinged Clasp, from the Sutton Hoo Burial Ship, Early Medieval art

Page with St. Matthew the Evangelist, Ebbo Gospels, Early Medieval art

Crucifixion with Angels and Mourning Figures, Lindau Gospels, Early Medieval art

Gero Crucifix, Early Medieval art

Doors of Bishop Bernward, Abbey Church of Saint Michael, Early Medieval art

Page with Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples, Gospels of Otto III, Early Medieval art

Cathedral Complex, Pisa, Romanesque art

Giselbertus, Last Judgment, Tympanum on West Portal, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, Romanesque art

Bishop Odo Blessing the Feast, The Bayeux Embroidery, Romanesque art

Hildegard and Volmar, Liber Scivias, Romanesque art

Good Shepherds, Orants, and Story of Jonah, Early Christianart

Reconstruction Drawing, Old Saint Peter’s Basilica, Early Christian architecture

Harvesting of the Grapes, Church of Santa Costanza, Early Christian art

The Good Shepherd, Oratory of Galla Placidia, Early Christian art

Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Church of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Byzantine art

Emperor Justinian and His Attendants, Church of San Vitale, Byzantine art

Archangel Michael, Byzantine art

Rebecca at the Well, from Vienna Genesis, Early Christian or Byzantine art

Virgin and Child with Saints and Angels, Byzantine art