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The most important family grouping for Americans is
the nuclear family
Brideservice refers to
the groom working for the bride's parents
a "baloma" is a
a spirit child which will eventually enter the womb of a woman of the same matrilineage as itself
In rural China what did family life center around
the patrilineal extended famliy.
In the Trobriand Islands who collects bridewealth
the groom's father and maternal uncle
What is the major threat to family stability among the !Kung?
Conflict between husband and wife over infidelity
If a woman has more than one husband it is known as
Which of the following is not a correct component of traditional Chinese dowry
A house
A leather seat
In traditional Chinese society what is the most improtant relatioship in the family?
the relationship between father and son.
What are the two terms used to describe different types of inheritance
Partible inheritance and impartible inheritance
Americans reckon kinship
In Trobriand society who does a man inherit property from?
for his mother's brohter
To the Trobrianders whick is considered the most intimate activity for husbands and wives?
Sharing Food
The biggest threat to the Chinese family is
absent of a son.
In the Trobiand Islands who collects brides wealth
the groom's father and maternal uncle.
Temporal ( i.e., chronological or diachronic) depth in Chinese society is
the long line of patrilineal ancestors in a family.
In traditional chinese society a wife acquires full status in her husband's family when
When she produces a male child
A society that emphasizes a person's tie to their father has a patrilineal kinship system
Extramarital affairs ar threatienning to anyone in !kung society
Among Trobriand Islanders the critical threats are those that are directed tat the husband-Wife family
According to Nisa a man would not have a second wife because he could not get enough food for both of them
the Chinese have a preferences as the sex of thier children
amont the !kung, typically less that one-quater of the marriages fail.
The traditional marriage in China is often a matter of a man and woman choosing each other as marriage parteners.
in traditional Chinese society a wifre can seek divorce
T Trobriand womans' sexuality is important throughtout life for attracting men
The biggest threat to chinese family is conflict between husband and wife
Trobriand Islanders start seeking sexual partners between the ages 11 and 13
What does Sanday claim "phallocentrism" refers to or defines?
The penis as a symbol of masuline social power and dominance
What principle characterizes is marel Mauss' theory about gifts?
The principle of reciprocity
The kula ring is part of which New Guinea society?
The Trobrianders
A potlatch is
A feast at a funeral
keigo is
the japanese term for polite speech
Keigo essentially
establishes the relatives social standing of the speaker and listener
In the initiation rite of a massi male what must he not do?
he must not cry out or move during circumcision
Western societies have egocentric views of the self
Family membership, gender, and age are the universal characteristics of individuals used to differntiate and group people
In traditional societies wealth is the central organizing priniple
The cateforization of people on the social landscape serves to simplify interactions
the berdache is t he Cheyenne term for person who is neither male or female