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Whiskey rebellion

Demonstrated the supremacy and the power of the national government

Alexander Hamilton

Our first secretary of the treasury developed a strong economic plan that helped get the nation out of debt

Two political and economical differences for the time helped for the first two political parties known as

Democratic-republicans and federalist

Democratic republicans

Led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison favored popular sovereignty states rights and limited government


Led by Alexander Hamilton favored a strong central government to strengthen the nation's economy

George Washington advised

To stay out of foreign affairs and to avoid dividing into political parties

Alien and sedition acts

Made it more difficult to become a citizen and illegal to slander the government

Marbury v. Madison

States that the supreme court has the final say in interpreting the constitution

John marshall

Served as chief justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years he was a federalist who strengthened the power of the Supreme Court by establishing the principle of judicial review

Louisiana purchase

Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the new territory and find a water route to the Pacific Ocean

British interference with us affairs such as impressments of around 6000 sailors led to

War of 1812

The war of 1812

Increased American patriotism weakened native American power and increased us manufacturing

After the battle of Fort McHenry

Francis Scott key wrote the star spangled banner which became America's national anthem

The Missouri compromise of 1820

Kept a balance of power in the Senate between slave states and free states

The Monroe doctrine

Written by John quincy Adams warned European nations to stay out of the affairs of the western hemisphere and In return we would stay out of European affairs

More goods were produced in Britain before it occurred in America

Industrial revolution

Samuel slater

Illegally brought machinery blueprints from great Britain to the us this started the industrial revolution in America

Industrial revolution

Was the change from man made to machine made goods from farms to factories

Most factories

We're built in the northeast because of the availability of water power making large scale manufacturing the main form of work in the northeastern instead of farming

Eli whitney

Invented the cotton gin and it changed southern life dramatically.

Improvements in transportation

Made it easier and cheaper to ship goods and encourage westward expansion

Robert Fulton

Was the first to take the idea of the steamboat and put it into practical use

Samuel Morse

Invented the Telegraph which imported communication and unified the nation.

The spoil system

The practice by President Andrew Jackson of giving government jobs to friends and political supporters.

Jacksonian democracy

The idea of spreading political power to more people by granting sufferage to non landowing white males

Trail of tears

President Andrew Jackson and Congress removed the cherokee and other Indian nations west of the Mississippi River with the Indian removal act