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floor, wall, and ceiling materials should be _______ and _______

smooth and durable

which organization create standards for foodservice equipment?


NSA is accredited by what organization?

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

NSF/ANSI standards for foodservice equipment require that it meets these three criteria

it must be easy to clean, durable, and resistant to damage

how must floor-mounted equipment be installed?

it must be mounted on legs at least 6 inches off the floor or sealed to a masonry base

how must tabletop equipment be mounted?

it must be on legs at least 4 inches off the counter or sealed to the countertop

dishwashers should be able to measure these three things

water temperature

water pressure

cleaning and sanitizing chemical concentration

five things required at a handwashing station

hot and cold running water


a way to dry hands

garbage container

sign telling staff to wash hands before returning to work

five examples of utilities





garbage disposal

three examples of building systems




four acceptable water sources

approved public water mains

private water sources that are regularly tested and maintained

closed, portable water containers

water transport vehicles

physical link between safe and dirty water


reverse flow of contaminants through a cross-connection into drinkable water supply


backflow that occurs when high water use creates a vacuum in the plumbing system that sucks contaminants back into the water supply


only sure way to prevent backflow

create an air gap

three mechanical devices used for preventing backflow

vacuum breaker

double check valve

reduced pressure zone backflow preventers

how light intensity is measured

foot-candles or lux

which area of the facility needs to be the brightest?


all lights must have _______ or _______ covers

shatterproof or protective

what will happen if ventilation systems are not working correctly?

grease and condensation will accumulate on walls and ceilings

garbage containers should be placed on a surface that is _______ ,_______ , and _______

smooth, durable, and nonabsorbent

five parts of maintaining the facility

clean regularly

make sure all systems work and are checked regularly

make sure the building is sound

control pests

maintain the outside of the building correctly

what should be done if a crisis poses a significant risk to the safety or security of your food?

stop service and call the local regulatory authority

three steps to preventing pest problems

deny access

deny food, water, ans shelter

work with a licensed pest control officer (PCO)

what are some signs of a pest infestation?



damage to products

damage to packaging

damage to the facility

what should be done if you suspect a pest infestation

call a licensed pest control office (PCO)