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What are the features of process design?
Each process is designed to turn defined inputs into defined outputs, and to accomplish a specific objective.
What do you need to take into consideration when designing a service solution?
Alternative service solutions need to be dsigned, and Service Level Requirements should be set.
What should be taken into account when assessing IT capability and maturity?
Staff resources, technology environment
IT Infrastructure Architect
The development of the physical technology model and the infrastructure components that are required to support it.
Business and organizational architect
The development of business models, business processes, and organizational design
Service Architect
The development of all the architectures that support the function of the business
Service Requirement Status: Analyzed
The set of requirements for the new service are being prioritized.
Service Requirements Status: Chartered
The set of requirements for the new service are being communicated and resources and budgets allocated
Service Requirement Status: Requirements
And outline of the requirements of a new service have been received from the organizations management or from IT
Service Requirement Status: Approved
The set of requirements for the new service has been authorized
Service Status Option:
The new service has been implemented and is functional within the live environment
Service Status Option:
The new service is being constructed
Service Status Option:
The service is no longer operational
Service Status Option:
The new service is being evaluated
Service Design
Identifying the requirements for new services and processes and defining the solutions that meet these requirements.
Five aspects of Service Design that need to be considered and that determine its scope.
New or changed services
Service management systems and tools
Service measurement systems and metrics
Technology architectures and management systems
What are the four P's
Partners, Processes, People, Products
Deming Cycle: Plan
Project Plan
Deming Cycle: Do
Deming Cycle: Check
Deming Cycle: Act
New Actions
The goal of the Capacity Management process
to ensure that cost-justifiable IT capacity in all areas of IT always exists, and is matched to the current and future agreed needs of the business, in a timely manner. Capacity Management is responsible for managing capacity and performance.
The purpose of Change Management
to enable beneficial changes to be made, with minimum disruption to IT services.
Availability Management is responsible for
defining, analyzing, planning, measuring, and improving all aspects of the availability of IT services.
Configuration Management is responsible for
maintaining information about the Configuration Items that are required to deliver an IT service, including their relationships.
How are process metrics obtained
in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Critical Success Factors (CSFs), and activity metrics
What are technology metrics frequently associated with
component and application-based metrics. This would include metrics such as performance and availability.
How are service metrics calcuated
Service metrics are the product of the end-to-end service, and are calculated using component metrics.
What is an incident
an unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service.
What does the dashboard utility do?
Dashboards provide management-level reports to users and customers and can also give real-time statistics for processes and utilization. Dashboards are useful for monitoring and diagnosing as well as reporting and determining trends.
What does the Workflow Engine do?
A Workflow Engine would allow the pre-definition and control of defined processes.
What does the Remote Control do?
Remote Control is a technology used by Service Desk analysts and other support groups to be able to take control of the user's desktop or servers for problem analysis and resolution.
What do Diagnostic Utilities do?
Diagnostic Utilities would be useful if the technology incorporated the capability to create and use diagnostic scripts and other diagnostic utilities.
What are the two aspects of the Service Catalog?
The Business Service Catalog
The Technical Service Catalog
What should be included in the Formal Contract? (5)
- Security requirements
- Business continuity requirements
- Mandated technical standards
- Migration plans
- Disclosure agreements
What's the purpose of the implement element in ISMS
to make sure that the proper procedures, tools, and controls are implemented to strengthen the Information Security Policy
What's the purpose of the control element in ISMS
are to establish a framework, establish an organization structure, and to allocate responsibilities
What's the purpose of the plan element in ISMS
devising suitable security measures with respect to the needs of the organization.
What's the purpose of the Evaluation element in ISMS
watching for potential security incidents, as well as carrying out internal audits. It also involves supplying information to external auditors if necessary
What are the ITIL v3 Lifecycle core volumes?
Service strategy, Design, Transition, operations, and continual service integration
Which of the following options should be the single point of contact for IT users on a day-by-day basis?
Service Desk
What does automation improve?
Utility and Warranty of services
A configuration item is under the control of which service management process?
Change management. CIs need to be managed in order to deliver an IT service.
What is an example of a Service Asset?
Resources and Capabilities
Monitoring soft issues requires what?
What is the core of Service Management?
Transforming resources into valuable services
What two factors make service value?
Utility, Warranty
What does Utility do?
Defines the function that an IT Service provides from the customers perspective
What does Warranty do?
Provides the customer a level of reassurance and gaurentee the Service will me agreed requirements.
What are the attributes of warranty?
Availability, capacity, continuity, and security levels
3 Categories of services in service protfolio
Service Pipeline, Service Catalog, Retired Services.
What are the five aspects of service design
Measurement systems and metrics.
Business processes.
Service management systems and tools.
Technology architectures.
New or changed services