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1. What are some uses ofwww.trust.salesforce.com in business continuity planning? Choose 3 answers.

B. To provide online security threat information. C. To provide live and historical data on system performance.

E. Toprovide information regarding planned maintenance.

2. Universal Containers is experiencing systemtimeouts when running case reports.What should a consultant recommend to improve the performance of thereports? Choose 2 answers.

A. Remove formula fields from filter criteria.

B. Remove unnecessary columns from the reports.

3. Universal Containers will be launching atelesales contact center.What should be considered in the design? Choose 2 Answers

C.Performance for high volume of interactionsD. Integration with LeadGeneration team and apps

4. Ensure the contractedservice level requirements for its clients are being met.What should be configured?

A. Entitlement processes, contract line items, milestones, entitlements

5. What are the basic concepts ofKnowledge-Centered Support (KCS)? Choose 2 answers.

C. Rewarding learning, collaboration, sharing, and improving

D. Creating content as a result of solving issues

6. Universal Containers is developing itsstrategy for social customer service. It would like to build a business case tofund an investment in social media and have a dedicated social media supportteam. The company's requirements include the ability:- Monitor Facebook fan page for new posts from customers- Link new posts to an existing customer record - Respond to posts from the existing Salesforce Console for ServiceWhat should Universal Containers do immediately to begin providing socialcustomer service?

D. Enable Salesforce social profile on contacts.

7. Universal Containers is having trouble withthe adoption of its knowledge base. Customers have reported difficulty locatingwhat they need. The following facts are known:- Data categories are used to indicate which contact center and business unitauthored the article. - Articles have drastically different types of content mixed together FAQs,product manuals, and install guides. - Agents are not consistently completing all article fields.What should the consultant recommend as a first step in improving the usabilityof the knowledge base?

C. Create article types for each business unit and have supervisorsreview articles.

8. To manage the publishing lifecycle forarticles in Salesforce Knowledge, the contact center director wants to providearticles with various publishing capabilities.What configuration should be recommended to meet this objective?

Assign article managers to public groups and specific article actions toeach group.

9. Universal Containers has basic field servicerequirements and has not yet deployed the Service Cloud. The company wouldautomatically create a field service dispatch record and assign it to a queuewhen specific case criteria are selected by creator of the case.Which solution will create and route the field service dispatch record when thecase is saved?

B. Use an Apex trigger.

10. Support agents need to verify that customersare eligible to receive customer support before they can update the case.What object is used to verify that a customer is entitled to receive support?

C. Service contracts

D. Contacts

11. Universal Containers staffs its contactcenters to allow for up to the total case volume to be escalated. The contactcenter manager would like to measure case escalation rate to staff to ensure sufficienttraining for Tier 1 agents.What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

C. Create a dashboard report to display and compare escalated casesagainst non-escalated cases.

12. Universal Containers wants to reduce incomingsupport phone call volume.What action can be taken to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers.

C. Leverage Live Agent for web-based chat.

D. Implement Salesforce Knowledge on a portal.

13. Universal Containers has implementedSalesforce Service Cloud with the goal of reducing the number of escalatedcases to the contact center.What metric should a contact center manager use to analyze this?
B. Percent of cases closed meeting the defined SLA
14. A contact center manager wants to measure theimpact of a new customer care program.What can be used to measure an increase in customer satisfaction?Choose 2 answers?
C. Average handle time

D. Customer satisfaction survey

15. Universal Containers is using the SalesforceConsole for Service for managing cases. They would like to add a Softphone withclick-to-dial capability.What needs to be configured for the SoftPhone to work in Salesforce? Choose 3answers.
B. Install an adapter from AppExchange to work with third-party CTIsystems.

D. Create a SoftPhone layout and assign to user profiles.

E. Assign the correct Salesforce users to the Call Center.

16. Universal Containers wants to identifypotential delays in the customer support process.Which metric should the contact center manager analyze?
B. Average case stage duration
17. Universal Containers support team requiresits customers to submit their support inquiries via free form email (Outlooketc). Additional requirements are listed below:- Support attachments up to 30 MB per inquiry- Over 10,000 inquiries per dayWhich solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?
A. Email-to-Case
18. Universal Containers has implemented SalesforceKnowledge and the service manager wants to encourage agents to use theknowledgebase.Which metric should the service manager monitor?
C. Number of article votes
19. Universal Containers needs to set up aService Cloud portal to provide customers with a self-service option forsupportWhat capability can the Service Cloud portal provide to Universal Containers'customers? Choose 2 answers.
C. Allows customers to follow Chatter feedsD. Allows customers tosearch a knowledge base
20. A contact center manager needs to migrateexisting help guides and procedure manuals into Salesforce Knowledge.What steps should the consultant do prior to importing the documents intoSalesforce Knowledge? Choose 2 answers
B. Create the article types and fields.

D. Compress the CSV, HTML, and image files for the article types.

21. Universal Containers is transitioning from alegacy service and support system to Salesforce.What is a recommended way to migrate and cleanse data?
D.Cleanse the data outside of Salesforce and then migrate the data.
22. Customers can contact Universal Appliances toreport problems with their appliances within 30 days of delivery. Support aquick-view-only access to an external database that stores over 100,000 knownproduct bugs logged by the product engineers.Which solution should a consultant design to meet this requirement? Choose 2answers.
A. Display product bug data in Salesforce via Visualforce page.

C. Use SOAP API to integrate the external database with Salesforce.

23. A contact center manager needs to restrictwho can create an FAQ Article Type within Knowledge.What should a consultant recommend to accomplish this requirement? Choose 2answers.

B. Enable the Manage Articles permission for the publisher profile andassign it to users.

D.Create a publisher profile that includes create access on the FAQ article type.

24. Universal Containers is launching a full lineof new products and Service Cloud should support the following requirement- Agents need to collaborate with other teams. - The product development team needs to be alerted on high-priority cases forspecific products.Which solution will meet these requirements?

C. Use workflow rules for notifications and case teams to monitor cases.

25. For which purpose should a contact center useVisual Workflow?

D. To automate business processes for agents who troubleshoot customersupport issues via phone

26. Universal Containers contact centermanagement wants to enhance its Service Cloud implementation and deploy asolution to better assist its service agents and customers In troubleshootingand resolving Issues. The contact center management has the followingrequirements:- Provide content categorization for easier navigation, searching, andvisibility.- Shorten agents' issue resolution time by suggesting relevant content.- Establish 5 publication lifecycle process based on industry leadingpractices.- Ensure the solution is tightly integrated with Salesforce Console for Serviceand Live Agent.What Salesforce solution should a consultant recommend?

D. Knowledge

27. What is the primary function of a privatebranch exchange (PBX)?

D. To receive multiple calls at one time

28. Universal Containers wants to implementKnowledge to assist agents with the resolution of cases.What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers

A.Enable article submission during case close.

C. Enable suggestedarticles on new cases.

E. Create an emailtemplate to send articles as PDF attachments.

29. What can Universal Containers do to reducecosts and immediately improve contact center agent productivity? Choose 2 answers

A. Streamline the agent interface

D.Enable templates for written responses.

30. Universal Containers wants to deploy theService Cloud to its contact centers located across North America, Europe, andcompany would like standardized contact center processes and reportingimplemented in its centers worldwide.Which approach should a consultant recommend in this scenario?

A. Assign a global team of experienced agents and leaders to create acommon design template and report structure.

31. Universal Containers purchased Knowledge andwould like to implement it as soon as possible.What approach should a consultant recommend?

A. Activate the Knowledge sidebar within the Salesforce Console forService.

32. A customer analyzed its historical cases andfound that over 50% of cases were created by users who forgot their passwordWhich action will reduce the amount of time that agents spend resolving thesecases?

D. Create an auto-response rule and email template with details on howusers can reset their passwords.

33. Which statement is true regarding a prebuiltSalesforce computer telephony integration (CTI) adapter for different telephonysystems?Choose 2 answers.

A. It is an intermediary between a telephony system and a Salesforcecall center user.

D. Itutilizes the SoftPhone capability from within Salesforce application.

34. Universal Containers has millions ofcustomers in Salesforce, but only a very small percentage have opened supportcases. Recently, Universal Containers has implemented a Service Cloud portaland plans to allow customers to be authenticated increase self-service rates.Which method should be used to enable the customers on the portal? Choose 2answers.

A. Have agents provide customers with portal registration instructionswhen working a case.

C. Identify active customers and send them registration instructions viaemail.

35. Using standard case management capabilities,what can be emailed to a customer as a PDF attachment?

C. Knowledge articles attached to the case

36. Universal Containers is implementing anentitlement process in its contact center to gain better visibility into howwell UC is delivering on customer service level agreements (SLAs).

How can milestones be usedto accomplish this goal? Choose 2 answers

A. To represent metrics such as first-response and resolution time oncases

C. To display whether a case response complies with a customer's servicelevel agreement

37. Universal Containers is migrating from alegacy system to the Service Cloud. The company currently tracks enticementsand agreements in its legacy system. The legacy system will be archived andunavailable after go-live. Agents will need easy access case information forthe last one year.

B. Migrate open and closed cases with milestones and entitlements.

38. A team of publishers has created andpublished articles in Salesforce Knowledge. The manager of the help desk wantsthe articles to be useful to agents Which reports can the help desk manager use to determine the quality of thearticles? Choose 2 answers.
A. Report on agent ratings on articles

D. Report on the articles attached to cases

39. A contact center agent needs to respondprivately to a Facebook post on the fan page. The post has been converted toSalesforce for Twitter and Facebook.How can the agent respond privately to the customer?
B. The agent must invite the customer to another channel.
40. Universal Containers is setting up a field service dispatch contact center.Which functionality should be considered when designing the contact center? Choose 2 answers.
B Mobile access to case information

C. Visibility into service entitlements.

41. At Universal Containers, a support agentdedicated to one customer regularly handles complex integration-related cases.In these cases, the agent collaborates with Universal Containers' productdevelopment team and the client's system integrationWhat would the consultant recommend expediting the handling of these cases?
D. Create a private Chatter group with customers and invite keyindividuals to join the group.
42. What is a benefit of deploying Knowledge inCustomer Communities?
B. Reduces incoming call volume.

D.Uncovers gaps in the knowledge base.

43. Universal Containers wants to improve theirfield service operations. Some challenges they are encountering include: wastedtrips to the warehouse to stock parts for their next job location, and missedsales opportunities.Which strategy should a consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers
B. Deploy mobile devices with access to real-time customer data.

D.Equip the IVR for warehouse cross reference and location information

44. Universal Containers is implementing a CTIsolution for its inbound service and support contact center. Currently, thecomputers only existing customers with support issues. The contact centermanager has been tasked with improving sales for the pr offering. What key metric can be expected to improve following the CTI implementation?Choose 2 answers
A. Abandon rate B. Average handle time
45. Universal Containers wants to provide its 20million customers with a portal where they can: • Submit inquiries • Monitor the status of those inquiries • View their contact information To meet these requirements, which type of portal license would be most appropriatefor the customers?
C. Service Cloud portal
46. Universal Containers wants to measure theefficiency of its contact center.Which metric should the contact center manager analyze? Choose 3 answers
A. Number of closed cases with articles attached

D.Average number of days to close cases

E. Number of cases escalated

47. Universal Containers wants to use the SalesforceConsole for Service and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with itsinfrastructure. The telephony vendor has verified that its currentinfrastructure supports integration with Salesforce. What must be taken into consideration to meet this requirement?
B. The CTI adapter must be developed using the CTI Toolkit version 3.0or higher or Open CTI.
48. Universal Containers wants to shorten theaverage call time in its contact centers by prompting the customers to enterthe number and identify their order and product Information when they call forsupport. After providing this information, the customers then have the optionto speak to a support agent if they still need help.Which system will help Universal Containers meet this requirement?
C. Interactive Voice Response
49. Universal Containers wants summit agents tohave the ability to work on multiple cases at the same time.What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Configure and utilize the Salesforce Console for Service
50. Universal Containers wants to implement a newweb presence to support its customers. It has provided the following:- Ability for visitors to search Knowledge articles without registering orlogging in - Ability for over one million registered customers to securely submit casesand view the status of those cases- Ability to display white papers to registered customers - Ability for registered customers to save favorite Knowledge articles for easyaccess laterWhat should the consultant recommend as part of the solution?

A. Implement Service Cloud portal with Knowledge

51. Universal Containers has implemented ServiceCloud in their call center and would like to integrate it with their existingtelephony system. All members of staff use a standard build for desktopcomputers and the IT department has indicated that they a produce a customdesktop build for the call center staff.Which solution should a consultant recommend?
C. Implement an adapter built on Open CTI.
52. A customer has recently implemented anon-premise telephony system that is common in the industry. This customerpurchased Salesforce licenses and is planning to integrate these two systems.What option should a consultant recommend?
B. Use a computer telephony integration (CTI) adapter that supports itstelephony system.
53. Universal Containers requires that users havethe ability to view specific cases, as determined by the product type field onthe case. An email should be sent to the users when a case to which they haveaccess is created or closed.What should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers
C. Workflow rules D. Case teams
54. The project manager on a Service Cloudimplementation is responsible for coordinating user acceptance testing (UAT)for a customer.Which task should be completed prior to UAT? Choose 2 answers
B. Approval of test scripts from the business lead

C. Verification that sample data has been loaded

55. Which solution can be used to improve calldeflection?
A. Knowledge base
56. Universal Containers has determined that caselist views are slow to load because of the large number of cases in system.Which action will improve the performance of the list views?
C. Reducethe number of fields displayed

D. Filter the views by case owner

57. Universal Containers is developing a businesscontinuity plan for their contact centers.What should the company consider?
A. Recovery point objective

B. Criteria for plan activation

58. Universal Containers would like for articlesto be suggested to agents based on information they are typing into the case.What solution should a consultant recommend?
B. Create a Salesforce Console for Service and enable the Knowledgesidebar on the case page layout
59. Universal Containers is in the process ofsetting up a business-to-business (B2B) portal. The company needs to givecustomers access to service level agreements (SLA) via the portal.Which solution is recommended to accomplish this requirement?
D. Service Contracts
60. The Universal Containers customer supportorganization has implemented Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) in the callcenter. However, the call center management thinks that agents are notcontributing new knowledge articles as often as they should.What should the company do to address this situation?Choose 2 answers
C.Create a dashboard that includes articles submitted by agents and approved forpublication D. Measure and reward agents based on the number of new articles submitted forapproval

61. Universal Containers would like to providetheir contact center agents with a map image of their customers' location basedon the Shipping Address of their Account Record.What should a consultant recommend as part of the solution?

D. Acustom tab of type URL that displays a map image of customer location

62. The Universal Containers contact centeroffers support via email, the Internet, and a Community. The contact centermanager wants to demonstrate the success of recent self-service initiatives toexecutive management.What report should the contact center manager present to executive management?

B. Number of cases created using portal

C. Number of cases closed by a self-service user

63. A consultant is working on a Service Cloudimplementation with a fixed budget and timeline. The analysis phase of theproject has just been completed. Additional requirements were discovered thatwill result in the project exceeding timeline and budget constraints.What is the first step the consultant should take to address the issue?

A. Document the requirements gap and communicate development option tothe project team

64. What process is a use case for Visualworkflow?

A. Field validation during case creation

D. Decision-based troubleshooting for representatives

E. Caller verification and creation of a new case

65. Universal Containers wants to display a listof open cases, data form an external system, and knowledge articles in one viewin Salesforce.What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Configure the Salesforce Console for Service, add Visualforcecomponents, and activate the Knowledge sidebar.
66. When planning for the migration of anexisting knowledge base into Salesforce Knowledge, what factors are consideredwhich articles to migrate?
B. Last modified date and number of recent article views
67. Universal Containers wants to create aprocess to verify that customers are eligible for support before a case iscreates. A consultant recommends using entitlement management to meet thisrequirement.Which benefit would be realized by using the entitlement management feature?Choose 2 answers.
B. Ability to specify unique service levels for each customer

D.Ability to enforce service levels with the time-dependent processes

68. Universal Containers support manager wants toshare product-specific information with their customer CommunitiesWhat should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?Choose 3 answers
A. Assign Article types to the Community

B. Enable Public Solutions

D. Publish Articles to external channels

69. Universal Containers has four internaldivisions that use Salesforce Knowledge. Compliance requirements indicate eachdivision should have access to its own articles when performing a search.What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
C. Create a single data category group for each division andprovide access using the role hierarchy
70. Universal Containers customer supportmanagement wants to provide proactive communications are likely to provide lowcustomer satisfaction (CSAT) scoresWhat customer-related metric should the customer support management analyze?Choose 2 answers
C.Escalated cases by amount month-to-date

D. High-priority cases opened by account month-to-date

71. A customer calls the service desk atUniversal Containers. The agent assigned to the call creates a case to capturethe issue, but later realized the caller is not eligible for support.What solution should a consultant recommend to prevent the scenario fromhappening in the future?
A. Add the entitlements related list to contact records
72. Universal Containers is implementingSalesforce Knowledge at its contact center. The contact center has a dedicatedsupport team for each product that it supports. Contact center agents shouldonly be able to view articles for the product they support.What solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
A. Assign team-based profiles to the associated product data categoryvalue
73. Universal Containers has a policy thatrequires all email traffic to remain within its firewall. Currently, thecompany has 200 support agents handling email from five different time zones onits legacy system.When implementing Salesforce, what solution should a consultant recommend forthis service?
C. Email-to-Case
74. Universal Containers is developing itsstrategy for supporting their customers on social media sites. The company'srequirements include the ability to:- Monitor Facebook fan page for new posts and comments from customer- Link new post and comments to an existing customer record- Respond to posts from the existing Salesforce Console for Service- Create and link social personas to contactsWhat should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?
D. Enable Salesforce social profile on contacts
75. Universal Electric initiates cases based onelectronic transmissions from power units. The case management process is asfollows: • A work order is submitted to a field service team to perform a technicalreview. • After the technical review is closed, an agent needs to contact the customerto review the activities. • Cases can only be closed after the customer review has been completed. Universal Electric needs to determine whether the work orders and customercontacts should be stored as child cases or on a related custom object. What should the consultant consider to meet these requirements? Choose 3answers
A. Case closure rules on the original case

D. Workorder and customer contact escalation requirements

E. Visibility and access to the work order records

76. Universal Containers wants to streamline thetroubleshooting process for inbound phone calls using Visual Workflow. A callgreetings script needs to be created to perform the following:• Prompt agent to ask for the caller's geographic region • Allow the agent to select a region from the picklist in the accountsobject • Present a list of services available in that region to the agent What Visual Workflow element should a consultant use to accomplish this? Choose3 answers
B. Screen C. Decision D. Assignment
77. Universal Containers would like to make somechanges to their existing entitlement processes.What change can be performed on the active entitlement processes using theversioning feature? Choose 3 answers.
A. Set the entry criteria

B. Set the process as default.

C. Add new milestones

78. Universal Containers has recently implementedLive Agent and is looking for recommendations on how to improve agents'productivity while chatting with customers.What should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers
B. Allow agents to work on multiple chats at one time.

D. Configure quick text options to include text quickly.

E. Enable whisper chat allowing other agents to help.

79. Universal Containers has a service levelagreement (SLA) with customers that requires an agent to take ownership of andrespond incoming cases within two hours of case creation.Which solution would help Universal Containers meet SLA?
B. Assign cases to queues and use escalation rules to escalate casesthat have NOT been accepted by an agent within one hour
80. Universal Containers is using the ServiceCloud in its contact center. The contact center manager wants to deploy ChatterAnswers.What should a consultant recommend to integrate Chatter Answers into itsService Cloud implementation? Choose 2 answers.
B. Allow administrators and trusted community members to escalatequestions to cases.

C. Create draft Knowledge articles from replies using the promote to articlebutton.

81. The cost of service for Universal Containers'contact centers has steadily increased. What solution should a consultant recommend to help reduce the cost of servicein the contact centers? Choose 2 answers.
B. Create auto-response templates for emails.

C. Enable Knowledge in a Service Cloud portal.

82. Universal Containers assigns its contactcenter agents to certain interaction channels and would like to optimize theagents' desktop based on their assigned interaction channels.
B. Create multiple Salesforce Console for Service applications and configurethem based on me user's requirements.
83. Universal Containers is implementing theSalesforce Service Cloud. The company needs to reduce total case volume and theaverage amount of time spent by agents on cases.Which solution would meet these requirements?
C. Publish Knowledge articles to the Service Cloud portal; enable theattachment of articles upon case closure.
84. Universal Containers implemented SalesforceKnowledge two months ago. Now, the Help Desk manager wants to know if theagents are properly leveraging the new knowledge base. What metric cap the manager use to measure the adoption of Knowledge? Choose 2answers
B. Create a report that displays the number of articles associated todata categories during the past two months
85. What support strategy will enable anorganization to improve its overall capacity for handling customer supportinquiries without increasing the number of call center agents?
A. Knowledge-centered support.
86. Universal Containers must provide contactcenter agents with access to a customer's payment history if the call concernsa billing problem. The following considerations need to be taken into account:- Billing problems account for less than 5% of calls. - Billing data is stored in an external system containing over 20 millionrecords. - Agents do not want to maintain separate login sessions for Salesforce and thebilling system.What solution should a consultant recommend?
B. Create a Visualforce page that retrieves payment information via aWeb Service call-out.
87. An existing Salesforce customer isconsidering implementing a Service Cloud portal has millions of users and plansto evaluate a high-volume customer portal. What is a key consideration when configuring a Service Cloud portal?
A. Users are NOT associated with a role in the hierarchy.
88. A support agent has a detailed question aboutproduct functionality. The agent needs to access a real-time response frominternal subject matter experts. Which feature will help the support agent sendthis question to the right group of people?
B. Chatter groups
89. Which native Service Cloud solution is usedfor case satisfaction surveys?
D. Create a Web-to-case form with a custom case type of survey.
90. Universal Containers plans to deploySalesforce Console for Service to its support team. Which step should be considered in deployment? (There are three correct answers.)
A. Customize highlights panels for all objects.

B. Set up interaction logs and assign them to user profiles.

C. Assign users the Service Cloud User feature license.

91. Which task should be included in a businesscontinuity plan for a contact center? (There are three correct answers.)
A. Route cases to agents in an alternate center. C. Deliver training on case handling for contingent staff.

E. Monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and notify customers.

92. Universal Containers is initiating a programto improve customer satisfaction. As part of the program, customers must besurveyed after the case is closed to ensure the customer is satisfied and theissue has been resolved.
A. Use workflow rules to send an email to the customer.
93. Support engineer need to see a complete,chronological list of field edit to a case, associated emails, case comments,and field edit to related objects in a single view while working on a case.How should the requirement be met?
B. Create a custom related list on the case
94. Universal Containers is concerned with systemperformance in its contact center because the number of contact records hasexceeded 40 million.What platform functionality might be affected by the number of contact records?
C. Contact report run time
95. Universal Containers' contact center managerneeds to measure the following metrics:- Agent productivity- Customer satisfactionWhich report should a consultant recommend? (Choose 2)
A. Average handle time B. First contact resolution

96. Universal Containers has discovered that theaverage time an agent takes to resolve a case has increased.What should a consultant recommend to help reverse this trend? (Choose 2)

C. Configure entitlements and milestones to enforce SLAs.

D. Improve the training provided to existing agents

97. To manager the publishing lifecycle forarticles in Salesforce Knowledge, the contact center director wants to providearticle managers the various publishing capabilities.What configuration should be recommended to meet this objective?

A. Assign article managers to public groups and specific article actionsto each group

98. Universal Containers has completed developmentand testing of its Service Cloud implementation and plans to migratefunctionality from the sandbox environment to the production environment.Which tools should be used for migration functionality?

C. Force.com migration tool, Force.com IDE, and change sets

99. What metrics should a contact center managerconsider to measure adoption of Salesforce Knowledge? (Choose 2)

B. Number of articles created by agent

C. Number of articles attached to a case

100. A consultant needs to import 2,000 sourcearticles for a Salesforce Knowledge implementation. The source articles are inHTML and contain several images. All of the articles are FAQs.Before importin the articles into Knowledge, which step should a consultantperform? (Choose 3)

A. Create the data categories and set up the data categoryvalues.

B. Set up a zip file that contains the CSV, HTML, and image files.

D. Set up the article actions and assign publishers to each action

101. A customer is planning a Service Cloudimplementation. The customer's current database has the following number ofrecords:- 10 million cases- 1 million accounts- 3 million contactsWhen planning to migrate this data into Salesforce, what implications should beconsidered? (Choose 2)

C. Salesforce reporting speed may be affected

D. Result may be slow when searching for records

102. Universal Containers, a new Salesforcecustomer, needs its millions of consumers to have public access to Knowledge onits corporate website. The consumers also need the ability to login to create,update, and read historical cases.Which product and license type would meet all of these requirements?

D.Force.com Sites and High-Volume Customer Portal
103. Which step should a consultant take to importarticles into Salesforce Knowledge? (Choose 2)
A. Map articles with HTML sections to rich text area fieldsC. Create a separate .csv for each article type
104. Universal Containers is using the ServiceCloud in its contact center. The contact center manager wants to deploy AnswersCommunity.What should a consultant recommend to integrate Answers into its Service Cloudimplementation? (Choose 2)
A. Create a draft Knowledge article from a reply using thepromote article button.

C. Allow administrators and trusted community members to escalate a questioninto a case.

105. A team of publishers has created andpublished articles in Salesforce Knowledge. The manager of the help desk wantsto verify that the articles are useful to agents.Which reports can the help desk manager use to determine the quality of thearticles? (Choose 2)
A. Report on the articles attached in cases

C. Report on agent ratings on articles

106. Universal Containers has activatedEmail-to-Case functionality to allow customers to correspond with supportagents via email.Which options are available with Email-to-Case? (Choose 2)
B. Follow-up emails and attachments related to a case areattached to the case

D. Follow-up emails related to a case will update the case comments

107. A new customer to Salesforce is consideringimplementing a customer portal. The customer has millions of users and plans toevaluate a high-volume customer portal.What is a key consideration when configuring a customer portal?
C. Users are not associated with a role in the hierarchy
108. A contact center manager is looking for waysto overall cost per case.What Salesforce metrics should the contact center manager evaluate? (Choose 2)
A. Average number of activities per case

C. Total number of cases by origin

109. Universal Health supports medical kits thathave been distributed to thousands of hospitals. Hospitals can request futurecredit by providing kit usage information by patient. The regional processingteams review these requests and award coupons for approved cases.What should a consultant recommend to manage this process using Service Cloud?
D. Use cases to track the credit requests and route than toregional teams using assignment rules
110. Universal Containers CFO is looking for waysto reduce contact center costs.Which customer service metric should the CFO monitor to reach the budget goals?(Choose 2)
A. First call resolution

B. Average handle time

111. Which document should be created to supportthe initial planning phase of an implementation project? (Choose 2)
C. Project milestones

D. Project kickoff presentation

112. Universal Containers has a three-tieredcontact center. Cases are routed to Tier 1 or Tier 2 based on severity,priority, complexity, or SLAs. Cases are assigned to Tier 3 only if they areescalated by Tier 1 and Tier 2.How can Universal Containers measure case escalation?
B. Create a case report to show all cases across tiersfiltered by an escalation flag.
113. The Universal Containers support centermanagement team would like to leverage Salesforce functionality to improvecollaboration on cases.What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? (Choose 2)
C. Create case teams and introduce swarming to resolve cases.

D. Enable and use Chatter feed tracking on the case object.

114. A contact center agent wants to leveragesubject matter experts (SMEs) on Chatter to resolve a complex issue for acustomer.What is the recommended solution to increase the involvement of SMEs and trackthe case to completion in Chatter?

D. @mention the SMEs on the case Chatter feed and follow the case

115. What solution should a consultant recommendwhile designing a plan to decrease a company's cost per call? (Choose 2)
B. Use integrated voice response

D. Use suggested Knowledge articles

116. Universal Containers is implementing theService Cloud console.Which capabilities of the console can the company use to help improve itscontact center performance? (Choose 2)

A. Allows Chatter Messenger to be used between agents

B. Displays records and their related items as tabs on one screen

117. Universal Containers is ready to launch acustomer portal to its targeted customers. The company's executives want to useappropriate metrics to efficiently measure user adoption.Which metrics should be measured? (Choose 2)

C. Number of cases created in the portal

D. Number of portal logins per day

118. A customer utilizes a high-volume ServiceCloud portal for its Web customer suport and is interested in deploying a chatsolution.What should be the first step in configuration and customization?

C. Enable Live Agent for the organization

119. Universal Containers has SLAs with clientsthat require an Agent to respond within 1 hr of receiving a case. The agreementalso states that the case must be resolved in less than 1 day, if the casestatus is set to urgent.Which feature should be used to meet this requirement?

D. Entitlements to define milestones to meet SLAs

120. UC needs to integrate Knowledge into the casemanagement lifecycle. Which integration point is possible between cases and Knowledge? Choose 3.

A. Email Articles in pdf format

B. Search Knowledge using case information

C. Create Articles when closing a case

121. UC is designing a contact center that willstore 20 million cases, of which 5 million will need to be accessed forreporting and search capabilities. Which approach will ensure the best system performance? Choose 3.

A. Custom indexes

B. Tiered data strategy

D. Divisions

122. What is a benefit of Visual Workflow?

C. Update case fields

123. What are three characteristics of VisualWorkflow?

A. Only one flow can be enabled at a time

D. Elements used to update database fields

E. Elements used to obtain information from legacy systems

124. What is a way to increase call center agenteffectiveness? Choose 3.

B.Provide complete picture

C. Provide easy to use interface

D. Ensure system acceptance through buy-in and training

125. What metrics should be used when evaluatingagent efficiency? Choose 2.

C) Case escalation

E) Case close with attachment

126. Which of the following are CTI features?Choose 4.

A. Screen

B. Automatic Call Logging

C. Click to dial

D. Call control