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Storage Spaces

creation of virtual disks from a pool of storage created by grouping standard Physical disks

Simple Striping

Stripes data across physical disks, used in situation where HA is not required but max storage and throughput are


2 disks min for single failure, 5 disks for 2 failures. Duplicate copy of data is striped across multiple drives.


3 disk min for 1 failure. data and parity is striped across disks.

dual parity

can stripe additional parity, can handle 2 disk failures

Storage Tiers

Group different disk types and speeds into Tiers that can be organized by priority

Write-back Cache

leverages fast disk like SSDs. Cache writes on SSDs until the traffic slows down then rewrite on slower disk and clear cache

Basic Disk

regular fixed hard disk, only does 4 primary partitions or 3 primary and one extended

Dynamic Disk

specialized volumes inclduing spanned, striped, mirrored, RAID5. unlimited partitions (volumes)

cannot be read by another OS

not read by legacy OS on boot

laptop computers do not support dynamic disk

in Disk Management Snap in: Healthy (at risk) state

IO errors have been detected but data can still be accessed.


Master Boot Record, uses partition table to describe locations on disk. up to 2 TB


GUID Partition Table, EFI extensible firmware, store partition info inside partition for redundancy, more than 2 TB

cmd to convert to GTP


list disk

select disk n

convert gpt

Simple Disk Type

1 Disk.

Single region or multiple concatenated regions of free space on single disk.

No Fault Tolerance

Spanned Disk Type

2-32 Disks.

2 or more regions of free space can be linked into single volume. Can be extended, cannot be mirrored.

No Fault Tolerance

Striped Disk Type

2-32 Disks

Multiple regions of free space from 2 or more disks. Data is evenly striped.



Striped disks. 2-32 disks.

Mirrored Disk Type

2 Disks