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Criminal justice act 2003


Aims of sentencing

Reduction of crime, reform rehabilitation

5 aims

Retribution - punishment

Deterrence - stop re-offending through fear

Rehabilitation - reform the offender

Protection of the public - s.277 extend sentence

Reparation - compensate and make amends

Types of sentence

Custodial - s152 term of imprisonment suspended or immediate

Community sentence - spanning from community work to rehabilitation/probation

Fines - sum of money paid to the crown

Discharges - absolute or conditional on other offences

Mitigating factors

First conviction

Young offender

Guilty plea (1/3)

Offer to compensate

Aggravating factors

Vulnerable victim

Breach of trust


More than one defendant

Use of weapon

Max sentences

Assault or battery 6 months

S.47 abh 5 years

S.20 gbh or wounding 5 years

S18 gbh with intent life