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A. Be careful of the name dog.
Be careful of the mean dog.
B. She cooked in a nap and top.
She cooked in a pan and pot.
C. We caught the turtle in a ten.
We caught the turtle in a net.
D. The act is drinking milk again.
The cat is drinking milk again.
E. The next town is a lime away.
The next town is a mile away.
F. The cup is no the dining room bleat.
The cup is on the dining room table.
G. There was an low screeching in the attic.
There was an owl screeching in the attic.
H. A white save is on the shelf.
A white vase is on the shelf.
I. She tea the ripe lump.
She ate the ripe plum.
J. The little pig's house saw built of warts.
The little pig's house was built of straw.
K. The fox was caught in a part.
The fox was caught in a trap.
L. She watered the garden with a shoe.
She watered the garden with a hose.
M. John now the slat game.
John won the last game.
N. Lisa didn't tea her doc sandwich at lunch today.
Lisa didn't eat her cod sandwich at lunch today.
O. She has a grin on her finger.
She has a ring on her finger.
P. Please don't pest on the rug.
Please don't step on the rug.
Q. Sunsan had a flat rite on her bike.
Susan had a flat tire on her bike.
R. The tan ran quickly to its nest.
The ant ran quickly to its nest.
S. Pam will ends a letter to her aunt won.
Pam will send a letter to her aunt now.
T. We wondered how ran the but of hot water.
We wondered who ran the tub of hot water.