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What was the biggest issue surrounding Texas's annexation to the United States?


What were the major problems texas faced with its republic?

a) War with Mexico

b) Annexation

c) Native Americans

d) Debt


What problem did the Republic of Texas have with Mexico?

Mexico didn't recognize it's independence

During the first presidential election in Texas, a majority of voters also voted in favor of what?

Annexation to the United States

For what is Lamar's presidency best known ?

Contributions to education

What prevented Sam Houston from running for a second term as president immediately after his first?

The TX Constitution didn't permit back to back terms

What happened to the prisoners captured during the mier expedition ?

Either killed or imprisoned

Why did Lamar think that Santa Fe was a part of Texas?

The Rio Grand went up into Colorado, so everything east should have been part of Tx, including Santa Fe.

The first elected President of the Republic of Texas

Sam Houston

What year did texas become it's own country?


Who was the president of Texas when it became a state?

Anson Jones

What year did Texas join the U.S.?


Why did exit refuse t ok recognize the Treaties of Velasco ?

They claimed Santa Anna only signed the Treaties because his life was in danger.

Which immigrant group made up the largest number of Texas residents (besides Mexican Texans) by 1850?


Battle of Fort Sumter importance?

First battle of the civil war.

Battle of Palmito Ranch importance?

Last battle of the civil war

What was the final straw that led Texas to secede?

Election of Abraham Lincoln

What political party was formed to prevent the spread of slavery?


What was the goal of the KKK?

Prevent freedman from having rights and restore Democratic control of the South

What was the Freedman' s Bureau?

Agency created to help newly freed slaves.

Describe territory A. on the map

Louisiana Purchase

Describe territory B. on the map

Treaty of Paris

Describe territory C. on the map

Adams-onis Treaty

Describe territory D.

Compromise of 1850

Describe territory E. on the map

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Mexican Cession)