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The non-mineralized not yet calcified organic matrix of bone.
The main organic component is collagen type ___, which cause the bone to stain ____, and some collagen type ___.
I, acidophilic, V
The matrix ground substances in the form of GAGs, _____, _____, and ___.
chondroitin sulfate, keratin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid
Thin cylindrical spaces that perforate the matrix and allow for exchange between osteocytes and blood cappilaries.
___ are responsible for the sythesis of the organic components of bone, type __ collagen, proteoglycans, and ____.
osteoblasts, I, glycoproteins
The glycoproteins present in bone are ____, ____, and ____.
osteocalcin, osteonectin, osteopontin
____ are exclusively located on the surface of bone tissue, side by side like simple epithelium.
Processes of adjacent osteocytes form ____ junctions with each other.
____ cells derived from mesenchyme can differentiate into osteoblasts nad if necessary into fibroblasts and chrondogenic cells.
Osteoprogenitor cells are located on the inner, more cellular layer of the _____, lining ___ canals and as a single layer of the _____.
periosteum, haversian, endosteum
The ____ is a single layer of flattened osteoprogenitor cells and a very small amount of CT.
The principle functions of the endosteum and periosteum are to ____ and ____.
nutrition of osseous tissue, continuous supply of osteoblasts for repair or growth of bone
Mature bone cells that are almond shaped with reduced RER and Golgi., and are involved in the maintenance of bone matrix.
The 3 functional states of osteocytes, ____ with scant RE, mature calcified matrix, ____ with lots of RER, deposition of osteoid in pericellular space with lacuna, and ____ with well developed RER, golgi, and lysosomes.
quiescent, formative, resorptive
____ are derived from the fusion of monocytes and found in the Howship's lacunae.
Active ____ have folded, irregular projections called ____.
osteoclasts, ruffled border
Surrounding the ruffled border is the ___, devoid of organelles, yet rich in ____.
clear zone, actin filaments
____ stimulate osteoblasts which in turn release ____ factor that _____.
parathyroid hormone, osteoclast-stimulating, increases the number and activity of osteoclasts which reabsorb bone
____ from C-cells or ____ cells of thyroid act on osteoclasts reducing its activity.
calcitonin, parafollicular
___ bone is usually temporary and is replaced in adults. It has an irregular array of collagen, ____ mineral content and abundance of _____.
primary (woven), lower, osteocytes
___ bone is dense and forms the outer shell, while ___ bone has interconnecting cavities, and forms the internal struts.
compact, spongy, trabecular or cancellous
____ bone is composed of parallel or concentric lamellar of collagen with a calcified matrix.
____ is found in the sternum, ribs, and epiphyses of long bones.
red bone marrow
___ is found in the diaphyseal cavity of long bones and stores mainly fat.
yellow bone marrow
____ formation occurs in spaces between trabeculae of spongy bone.
blood cell
___ are located around the marrow cavity, and ____ are located immediately beneath the peristoneum.
Inner circumferential lamellae, outer circumferential lamellae
___ are lamellae left by haversian systems destroyed during growth and remodeling of bone.
interstitial lamellae
The bulk of of compact bone that contains blood vessels, nerves, and loose CT.
osteon or haversian system
Bundles of peristoeal collagen fibers that penetrate the bone matrix, binding the periosteum to bone.
Sharpey's fibers
Bone only grows by ____ means.
The ____ facilitates the exchange of ions between the hydroyapatite crystal and the body fluids.
hydration shell
The ___ zone consists of hyaline cartilafe without morphological changes in the cell.
In the ___ zone, chondrocytes divide rapidly and form columns of stacked cells parallel to the long axis of the bone.
The ___ zone contains large chondrocytes whose cytoplasm has accumulated cytoplasm.
hypertrophic cartilage
Simultaneously with the death of chondrocytes in the ____ zone, the thin septa of carilage matrix becomes calcified by the deposits of hydroxyapatite.
calcified cartilage
In the ___ zone, bone tissue, blood capillaries, osteoprogenitor cells, osteoblasts form, and ultimately bone matrix is deposited.