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Which certification requires 1 year of computer security related work experience?
The basic idea of _____ is to make every computer on the network believe that you are the Router.
Arp poisoning
_____ mode establishes a wireless network link between individual systems.
Ad hoc
______ allowed users on a public Wifi network to effectively hijack another user’s Facebook session (given that the other user was on the same wifi network and not connected via VPN).
Which of the following is a SIEM?
Which of the following is a Honeypot?
The key to protecting assets from the risk of attack is to eliminate or address as many ______ as possible.
does not attempt to assign numeric value, but is scenario oriented
What website is the business gangsta bucks in?
Buying infected computers
Policy does NOT include:
List of technologies to use
Who did I say was the most notorious black hat hacker?
Kevin mitnick
Which of the following is a weakness that allows a threat to be realized or to have an effect on an asset?
Three mechanisms used to protect the WLAN:
Network name
Which group offers the CISSP certification?
In the lecture I mentioned that you could use [a] to perform ARP poisoning and then carry out a [b]
a) cain and able
b) man in the middle attack
A network mapper (nMap) uses __________ packets to identify the operational systems
Which technology allows users to sign on to a computer or network once, and have their identification and authorization credentials allow them into all computers and systems where they are authorized?
Single sign-on (SSO)
Wifi standards are defined by the following group:
Which of the following is an action that could damage an asset?
What does a POS smash-and-grab attack involve?
Brute force and malware combination
attempts to assign independently objective numeric value to all elements of the risk analysis
WPA2 uses CCMP which is new encryption mode based on:
What type of error is false reject rate?
Type I error
UC is an abbreviation for:
Unified communications
What is the act of an unauthorized person intercepting and reading packets that flow across a network?
Which networking technology was the first mainstream method for connecting to the Internet?
Analog dial-up
Which of the following is the likelihood that something bad will happen to an asset?
What attack was used to compromise Heartland's systems?
Sql injection
Wireless encryption standard that is easily cracked?
It is permitted to store the information from a credit card's magnetic stripe only if it is encrypted.
How many TCP ports are there?
PCI requirement 4.1 specifically prohibits the ______ wireless encryption protocol.
Which group offers Computer Security training (inlcuding a Masters program)?
According to Jimmy Ray's Top Ten Reasons Audits Fail, the number one reason is:
Failure to protect stored data
Which certification requires 5 years of Computer Security related work experience?
Which of the following is a detailed written definition of how software and hardware are to be used?
Who created the virus brain.a?
Basat and amjad
What is the main reason that finance led the incident count this year?
Mainly due to a large number of ATM skimming incidents
When monitoring a system for anomalies, the system is measured against __________.
What is the name of one of the computer security podcasts/videos that I showed in the lecture?
One major problem with WEP is:
A new IV is used for each frame, but since it is only 24 bits long it will repeat periodically
Goal of Stuxnet was to find:
a computer used to program a programmable logic computer
When an operational system is found a [a] request can be sent to a port. If the port is open and there is a network listener, the network mapper will receive an [b] packet
What type of error is accept reject rate?
Type II error