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Define DEP.
On Windows, is known as the Data Execution Prevention bit. A.K.A. No execute bit, or eXecute Disable (XD) bit. If enabled, the system believes the data in a particular region of memory to be non-executable.
Define ActiveX.
A MS programming technology that enables programmers to insert dynamic components such as animations, forms, reports or data access pages, counters, or even a full-fledged software application to a web page or application. Intended for Windows only.
Define ActiveX controls.
Programs that can be loaded over the internet in IE on Windows. These programs gain significantly more access to the local system than a normal browser plug-in, including all rights of the active user account. Only usable on IE without the help of a plug-in.
Which type of Java Applet runs in a "sand box" by default.
Unsigned applets run in their own protected area in memory.
What is the main standard followed by scripting languages on the web?
List three client-side scripting languages.
JavaScript (Netscape), Actionscript (Adobe Flash), and VBScript (Microsoft, Visual Basic).
Define AJAX.
A combination of JavaScript and XML. Also uses DOM, CSS, and XHTML technologies. Used for creating web pages and applications that are capable of interacting and responding quickly to user requests without reloading the entire web page every time a request is made to the server.
Define JSP.
Java Server Pages. A server-side scripting language. Java-based. Allows Java programming language commands to be included in a web page.
Define ASP.
Active Server Pages. A server-side scripting language. Microsoft's alternative to JSP.
Define ColdFusion.
A server-side scripting language. Tag-based, can interact with databases, manage sessions, set cookies, and provide dynamic web page functionality.
Define PERL.
Practical Extraction and Report Language. A server-side scripting language. Open source.
Define PHP.
Hypertext Preprocessor. A server-side scripting language. Open source.
Define XSS.
Cross-site scripting attack. Takes advantage of scripting and input validations to attack legitimate users in either a stored attack or a reflected attack (code is injected to the server, the server attacks the clients.)
Define cookie snarfing.
If a cookie is stolen during transmission it can later be used in a replay attack to gain unauthorized access to a website.
Define the cookie header "HTTP-only".
The cookie should only be accessible via an HTTP connection, and is not visible to client-side technologies such as Flash or JavaScript, even if they originate from the server that set the cookie.
Define the cookie flag "secure".
Instructs the client software that the cookie in question should only be transmitted via unspecified "secure" means, and not over an unsecured HTTP connection.
Define ad filtering.
Services that block advertisements within a web page.
Define phishing filter.
A feature that attempts to identify and block websites and links that are not what they claim to be.
Define a pop-under ad.
Opens a pop-up window behind the original so that the user can finish what they were doing before noticing it. Increases chances of success for the advertiser.