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When do long term disability insurance benefits begin?
After a period of 6 months.
How much is each employee given per month towards the benefits pay?
$300 per month, in addition to their base salary.
How many investment options are available with Fidelity for the 401K plan?
Is vesting in a 401k plan immediate or does the employee have to wait a certain period of time? If they have to wait, what is the period?
Vesting is immediate.
What is the maximum contribution an employee is allowed to put into his/her 401k?
What is the maximum amount the SECU will contribute to an employees 401k?
What type of insurance is the BCBS PPO plan held with the SECU?
Self-Insured plan with administrative services provided through BCBS of NC.
What happens to the unused funds in a flexible spending account at the end of the year?
Unused funds are forfeited.
How much are the long term disability benefits given to each employee?
Equal to 60% of base salary.
What is the amount an employee is paid under short term disability, and for how long?
$600/month for 3 months
$250/month for the next 21 months
What are the three core benefits all employees must have?
1. BCBS health plan
2. Basic Life Insurance ($50,000 at least)
3. Long Term Disability plan
Are funds in a flexible spending account taxed?
No. Funds contributed to flexible spending accounts are not subject to federal, state or social security taxes.
Are all employees eligible for the cafeteria plan?
No; only full-time employees are eligible for the cafeteria benefits plan.