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What is creativity?

"is the use of imagination or original idea 's to create something" the ability to create something of your own and not just copy other peoples

Talk about where you're ideas cane from

My ideas came from


Mind maps

Looking into my favourite artists and getting inspiration from them

look at reviews of those artists

Looked into what people expected to see in a music video


mind maps

Discussing our fears within the group

Looking into existing movies

Location, set, costumes

For AS we looked at locations we were familiar with

A2 I looked into place in more detail and wanted to see if they would be appropriate for my music video

Talk about why you wanted to use these locations and how they helped,

Do the same for props and and costume

Talk about how working on your own impacted your creativity at A2

Camera equipment

Talk about how to begin with all shots were pretty much mid shots due to lack of knowledge of other shots, that goes hand in hand with the AS preliminary task

AS we were set specific camera shots and which not able to show our full creative side

AS the film opening was brief and less rigid however we still had to stick to the conventions of a horror movie

A2 I had developed skills from AS and started to film in a more creative way eg being specific with camera shots I used and explaining how they made my production better


At first talk bout how I wasn't creative.

For the preliminary task and AS mention that you were just putting shots together to create some meaning

Then mention the A2 was very different I needed to create energy and engage the audience and edit the flow of the music using effects

Mention specific editing software or plugins three point colour corrector and so forth

Genre and conventions

How did you come to that genre

How do you develop you're genre, did you look at existing products to help understand that genre more?

Similar to conventions did you look into your genre and work out what made it become that genre visually

Mention AS and we'll as A2


Mention how for AS you weren't very creative in casting and chose friends because that was the easiest option

Mention how picking a friend impacted your as task

Then talk about how for A2 you were more creative when picking the cast

Including this such as auditions

Remember to be specific- how did that help you


Never used it before,

Using word and publisher limited creativity because we were limited to how much we could edit the images

Photoshop allowed you to manipulate images be specific- talk about the oil paint and a graffiti on your Co digipack

Talk about how you utilised the power of photoshop


Talk about the restraints you got came from the exam board

Talk about how you had to make a film opening, music video, CDD and a MMA these rules do limit your ability to be creative to a certain extent

Talk about how it's not easy to just be creative you need to do practical things to get ideas, things such as research and planning, being creative was impossible, you needed a balance of organisation and creativity to be successful

Mention how creativity I a learning process where you start by being told what to do then you try doubt things on your own and then you end up being confident and skilled enough to experiment which leads to creativity. You have to make mistakes at first to be creative.

Talk about how you show tho development

To get A&B grades

Ensure that you're not just describing how your creativity developed but now you need to focus on evaluate to evaluate you could comment on any of the following throughout your work

HOW important was creativity

WHY was creativity important

WHAT EFFECT did the creativity have on your final work

What PROBLEMS are there with being creative

WHAT would you NOT have been able to do without creativity

HOW did creativity benefit you