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A main purpose of MRP

Dermines the amount of material needed

A purpose of MRP

Creates order

What does ERP stand for?

Enterprise resouce planning

What is an input for the master production schedule?

Forcasted demand

What is an input file required to run MRP system?

Bill of materials or inventory records file

What is not included in the inventory status record?

Lost items

In terms of lost sizing technique - What determines how much to order?

Least cost per unit

What does the BOM or Bill of materials do

Computes the materials you need and the sequence in which the product is created

What is the fishbone diagram and what does it do?

It is an analyzing tool for six sigma. A cause and effect diagram. It helps you analyze causes of problems by looking at the methods, materials, machinery, and people that go into the process.

What does the Praeto chart do?

Breaks down a problem into relative contributions. Problems are due to small percentage of problems. 80-20

What are different charts/tools used for quality efforts?

Flow charts, run charts, pareto chart, check sheets, cause and effect diagrams, opportunity flow diagram, process conteol charts.

What is the malcom baldrich award?

For highest quality. Teaches how to improve quality.

The term for consistancy of performance or quality


What is a secondary characteristic of design quality


What is a basic assumption of cost of quality problems

Failure is caused

Appraisal cost vs prevention cost

Appraisal (inspection) happens after the product is made.

What is inventory

List of goods in stock

What is not a category of inventory

Just in time

What doesnt determine inventory cost?

Fixed cost

Fixed order quantity

Determines the specific point at which an order will be placed and how much to order.

Why perform an inventory analysis?

Helps you understand the optimum amount of inventory you need.

What relates to lean manufacturing?

Waste elimination

What does the Toyota production system focus on?

Eliminating defects

Pro of group work cells?

Reduces wait time

What does lean manufacturing want from a supplier?

Reduced lead time

What is lean manufacturing?

No extra inventory

What is the bull whip effect?

A lack of synchronization

What can't be outsourced?


Risk of outsourcing

Outsourcers can become competitors

An example of a trading block


Type of transportation witb high up front costs but low per mile


How many defects are allowed with six sigma

3.4 per million