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what's electrolysis

using electrical energy from a dc supply to decompose compounds

how are acids neutralised

metal oxides, metal hydroxides, metal carbonate

what do indigestion remedies do

they are antacids that contain based which neutralise excess stomach acid

what's the test for oxygen

relights a glowing splint in a test tube

what's the test for chlorine

hold damp blue litmus paper in test tube and chlorine will then red then whore

what does hydrochloric acid in the stomach do

helps indigestion and kills bacteria

uses of chlorine

1) treat our water supply

2) manufacturing bleach and cleaning products

3) manufacturing plastics (PVC)

why does chlorine cause damage

it's toxic and this leads to potential hazards associated with its large scale manufacture

how do we obtain chlorine

through the electrolysis of sea water

how do antacids help

they neutralise the stomach by raising the PH

what's a base dissolved in water

an alkali

what's the test for hydrogen

if lit splint explodes with squeaky pop

what's the test for carbon dioxide

limewater goes milky or cloudy