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What are living things?
Same needs: food, water, place to live, oxygen
Made of cells
What are organisms?
Living things that carry out life functions on their own
What is a cell?
Smallest unit of living matter
What is one difference between plant and animal cells?
Plant cells have a cell wall and chloraphyll.
Animal cells do not have cell walls or chloraphyll.
What are the steps of the Scientific Process?
Observation, Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Conclusion
What do plants do with oxygen? What do animals do with oxygen?
Plants give off oxygen.
Animals take in oxygen.
What does it mean to recycle?
It means you use items over again, instead of throwing them away.
Are the following examples of recylcing or examples of pollution:
recycle glass or metal
burn yard and food waste
bury metal and glass
dump paper and plastic into the ocean
What does a microscope do?
It helps scientists look at small objects by making the objects look many times larger.
What is a magnifying glass?
It helps scientists look at items closer. It makes things a little bit bigger, but not much. You hold it in your hand.
What materials allow electricity to flow?
Metals, glass