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What happens when waves hit land?
Waves release energy their energy against the shoreline and cause erosion.
Beach homes get destroyed every year because of . . .?
wave erosion
Waves approaching the shoreline at an angle push water along the shore causing a . . . . .?
longshore current
What happens during a storm?
Waves remove more sand than they bring in and the beach is eroded.
When a low, gentle wave breaks on the shore, it moves . . . onto the beach?
What happens when aves approach at a slight angle to the shore?
sand is pushed along the beach
Why do Shore zones constantly change?
They change because waves and currents are constantly eroding and depoisting sediments along the shore.
Longshore currents have enough . . . . . . . . to erode the shoreline?
mechanical energy
What is beening carried away bit by bit by the oceans where the buildings once stood?
sand dunes
Structures ca't stand for very long without . . .?
special supports along an eroding beach.