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compact bone
outer laayer, solid, tough
spongy bone
outer sides, light but strong, pores
center, contains marrow
red marrow
blood formation
yellow marrow
storage site for fat
covers all bone but ends, thin ,tough, packed with nerves and blood vessels
5 major functions of skeleton
1) provides shape and support
2) enables you to move
3) protects your internal organs
4) produces blood cells (in long bones)
5) stores materials until the body needs them
26 bones that make your back bone
what are some materials the bone stores
calcium and phosphorus
what happens when materials are needed
they are reaalesed into the blood stream
soft tissue that fills the internal spaces in the bone
connective tissue that is more flexible thay bone. helps to support body
a place where to bones come together
ball-and socket joint
most movement, arms + hips
pivot joint
one bone rotates around the other , neck
gliding joint
1 bone slides over the other, wrist + ankles
hinge joint
foward and backward movement
elbow+ knee
immovable joints
skull/ribs, connect bones and stablize them
allowsd body to keep a wide range of movements
__________ + ________ = healthy bones
balanced diet + excersise
a condition in which the body's bones become weak and break easily
a muscle that is not under consious control
voluntary muscle
a muscle that is under concious control
what are the three types of muscle tissue
skeletal, smooth, and cardiac
skeletal muscle
a muscle that is attached to the bones of a skeleton
strong connective tissue that attqaches a muscle to a bone
smooth muscles
involuntary musclesfound inside many internal organs of the body
cardiac muscle
muscle tissue found only in the heart