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Which statement most accurately describes the influences on a person's length of life and quality of a life

Both behaviors and genes influences the length and quality of life

Rats,snakes,elaphe obsolete, are a species made of many distinct populations in different areas each of the population has different markings and colorings. Where would rat,snakes most likely be gray

In a gravel pit

Which process occurs during meiosis that contributes to a germ cell having unique genetic material

Crossing over

Allele A is a dominant in mice and allele a recessive. Two mice with the gene combination Aa breed and produce four offspring as shown below


A bacterium can reproduce quickly by splitting into two cells. Which of these best describes the genetic makeup of the resulting two cells

They have the same amount of genetic material and are identical

Describes a characteristic of both sexual and asexual reproduction?

New cells are produced

Describe asexual reproduction

Birary fission in a amoeba

A child's sex is determined by the sex chromosomes of which person


At can cause an offspring to have a physical trait neither of its parents has

A mutation in a t cells

An organism traits are largely determined by the genetic make up of its parents offspring

Sperm and egg

Which at least controlled by human behaviour

Inherited genetic disorder

What has happened for an inherited trait to increase in a population

Organism with the trait need to bear more offspring wit organism without the trait

Based on information, at conclusion about the offspring labeled A is supported

It has the same genetic material

Results from a simple heredity investigation can be displayed as a punnett square, as a ratio or as a fraction.All three can be used because

A three methods can be used to show the same information

There are four blood types A,B,AB and o.the genes for both A and B blood types are dominat over o.


Which is the greatest benefit of sexual reproduction

Rebility to produce genetically different offspring

A main advantage to great organisms that reproduce sexually is

Greater genetic diversity