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What is an organism

Another name for a living thing

Something living

What are living things made up of


Building blocks of life

What is nutrition

The way in which living thing get and use their food

Something to do with food

What is resperation

The way living things get energy


What is excretion

Its is the getting rid of wastes that are made in cells

What is growth

Results from the dividing in cells

What is response

The ability to react to changes in the environment

What is a vertebrae

Animals with a backbone

What is an invertebrate

Animals with no backbone

What is digestion

The breakdown of insoluble food molecules into small soluble food molecules

What is an enzym

A biological catalysts

What is the word equation for aerobic resperation

Glucose+oxygen--------->energy+carbon dioxide +water

What is the function of white blood cell as

Fight deseises

What is the function of platelets

Clots blood

What is the function of plasma

Transports substances and heat

What is the function of the unitary system

To get rid of urea , excess water and salts

What are ligaments

Connects bone to bone

What are tendons

Connects muscles to bone

What is photosynthesis

The way plants make their food

What is the word equation for photosynthesis

Carbon dioxide +water_____light+chlorophyll______> glucose + oxygen

What is tropism

The growth response of a plant to stimulus

What is phototropism

It is the growth response of the plant to light

What is matter

It or anything that occupies space and has mass

What is the melting point

The melting point it's the temperature at which a solid turns into a liquid

What is an element

An element is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substance by chemical means

What is a mixture

It consists of to or more substances mingled with each other but not chemically combined

What is a solvent

A substance that dissolves other materials to form a solution

What is a solution

A mixture of a solute and a solvent

What is evaporation

The changing of liquid to a gas

What turns blue litmus paper red


What turned red litmus paper blue

Bases /alkine

What is the word equation for the perpetration of oxygen

Hydrogen peroxide =====>water + oxygen

What is the Changchow equation for the preparation of oxygen


What is the word equation for the perpetration of carbon dioxide

Calcium carbonate +hydrologic acid (dilute)-------> calcium chloride + water +carbon dioxide

What is the balanced chemical equation for the perpetration of carbon dioxide

CaCo³+2hci ------->CaCl²+H²O+CO²

How is scum formed

Calcium ions + soap ions ------> scum

How is salt formed

Salt is formed when hydrogen and acid is replaced by a metal ion

How do you find the density of an object

Density = mass ÷volume

How do you find three acceleration of an object

Acceleration= change in velocity ÷ time

What is force

Something that can changes an objects acceleration

What is weight

The weight of an object is the force of gravity on it

How do you change weight into kilogrammes

Weight (in neutron's)=mass(kilogrammes)×10

How do you find three work done

Work done = force done × distance moved

What is energy

It is ability to do work

How do you find power

Power = work done ÷ time taken

How do you find force

Force × (perpendicular distance from the force to the fulcrum)

What is pressure and how do you find find the pressure

Is force per unit area

Pressure = force ÷ area

What is a barometer

Measures the atmospheric pressure

How do u find the resistance of a electricity

Voltage (v) ÷ current (I) = resistance ( in ohms