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The intesity of light light and are of light increases as you get closer to the light

False the area gets smaller and decreases

what does combining all three primary colors of light make

white light

are cellular phones microwave radio recievers


does light travel at the same speed through all mediums

no it is slower in water

An object that produce visible light

Luminous object

Electromagnetic Radiation

Forms of energy transported by waves through space or a medium

Transparent Substance

A substance through which light is easily transmitted


The line perpindicular to the barrier hit by the wave

Gamma rays

Electromagnetic waves with the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequencies

Transluctent substance

A substance that transmits light but scatters it as it passes through

Index of refraction

The measure of how much a substance refracts light waves

illuminated object

An object that reflects light from luminous objects

Opaque substance

A substance that does not transmit light


the amount of energy a sound wave carries a lights brightness

State the law of reflection

The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection

How is stargazing looking back in time

Stars are so far away that the light generated from them was generated a long time ago

Why does the sky appear blue

Because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun

What does am stand for

Amplitude modulation

what does FM stand for

frequency modulation

What is the advantage of FM

FM radio has a constant amplitude so there is less interference

What is the advantage of AM radio

AM radio operates at a lower frequency

List three uses of microwaves

to heat up food

radar guns


Diffuse reflection

It is when light beams reflect at many different angles

Regular reflection

is when light is reflected at the same angle

Infrared radiation

form of radiation given off as heat waves

Ultraviolet radiation

can cause skin cancer

Produces vitamin D

can kill cells

Wha tpart of the body is most likely to suffer from x rays


When a light wave passes from a more dense to a less dense medium does it speed up or slow down

speed up


Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

Sectrum in order

radio waves microwaves Infrared Visible Light ultra violet x ray gamma ray


controls size of pupil


hole that lets light in


focuses light on retina


rods and cones


absorbs extra light is black


outer covering the whitepart

Optic Nerve

stump that transfers info to the brain