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What is energy?

A. The ability to move particles of matter

B. The ability to cause change or do work

C. Tiny particles of matter in a fixed position

D. Tiny particles of matter that move in all directions

Which type of energy does moving water have?

A. Electrical

B. Kinetic

C. Wind

D. Potential

Which item when rolled at the same speed has the most kinetic energy?

A. Beach ball

B. Table tennis ball (ping pong ball)

C. Marble

D. Basketball

In a picture of people sitting around a campfire. How is heat transferred from the campfire to the people?

A. Conduction

B. Insulation

C. Convection

D. Radiation

Which of the following shows convection?

A.the sun warms your skin

b. You rub your hands together quickly

c. A metal spoon in soup becomes warm

d. A mobile turns from a candle burning below it

As an object cools, the particles (atoms) _______________.

A. Move faster

B. Move slower

C. Move in a straight line

D. Stop moving

What tool do you use to measure thermal energy?

A. Anemometer

B. Thermometer

C. Compass

D. Microscope

The more energy matter has the ______________ its particles move.


B. Slower

A pot is sitting on a burner on a stove. How is heat moving from the stove to the pot?

A. Radiation

b. Insulation

c. Convection

d. Conduction

What are insulators?

A. Materials that allow no heat to pass through them.

B. Materials that allow heat to pass through them easily.

C. Materials that limit the amount of heat that passes through them.

D. Materials that both limit and allow heat to pass through them .

Which of the following materials is not a conductor?

A. Metal

B. Glass

C. Copper

D. Water

Describe the direction (flow) of thermal energy when you put an ice cube in a glass of water?

Thermal energy moves from the water to the ice until the ice melts and they are all the same temperature.

Looking at types of cups with all beginning at the temperature of 140 degrees. Which cup would you use to keep hot chocolate warm?

Glass Temp after 10 min 120 degrees

metal temp after 10 min 90 degrees

plastic temp after 10 min 125 degrees

styrofoam temp after 10 min 130 degrees

Claim: I would use the styrofoam cup.

Evidence: the styrofoam kept the hot chocolate the warmest at 130 degrees after 10 min

reasoning: because it is the best insulator

Label the type if thermal transfer.

A picture of a woman stirring a pot on a stove.


Label the type of thermal transfer.

A lady blow drying her hair .


Label the type of thermal transfer. A guy holding a mug of hot chocolate.


Label the type if thermal transfer. A car on a hot day.


Label the type of thermal transfer. A light shining on a plant.