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Quebec Act
cancceled American colonies by extending the borders of Quebec south to the ohio river and to the mississippi
Martin Luther
Protestant reformation, nailed the ninety five theses to the wall
Nathan Hale
"I only regret that i have but only one life to live for my country"
John Adams
2nd president, died on July 4th
president's advisers
Wilderness trail
served as a path for families bound for the west
star-spangled banner
written by Francis Key, inspired by the battle of fort mchenry
July 4, 1776
Declaration of Independence
Boston Tea Party
british dressed up like indians and dumped 340 tea chest in the harbor
Treaty of Paris
ended the war of 1812
Patrick Henry
"Give me liberty or give me death!"
Samuel Adams
was arrested for collecting ammunition
Ponce De Leon
discovered Florida
1st permanent French settlement (Canada)
Ethan Allen
Green Mountain Boys
Benjamin Franklin
public libraries, "God governs in the affairs of men"
Quartering Act
required colonists when necessary furnish british troops with certain supplies
Thomas Paine
Common Sense
Aaron Burr
Jefferson's vice president, killed Hamilton in a duel
Andrew Jackson
7th president, met and defeated the creek indians
Alexander Hamilton
died in a duel with Aaron Burr, was leader of the federalist
Stamp Act
bought seals for envelopes and put on documents they mailed in 1765
professional soldiers from prussia
Common Sense Pamplet
written by Thomas Paine
Treaty of Paris
ended the war of 1812
System of Checks and Balances
Judicial, executive, and legislative all met and would check and balance for equal power
Washington D.C.
pierre L 'Enfant, capital, whithouse, ben franklin finished
John Paul Jones
best known naval heroe
Treaty of Paris
ended the war of 1812
St Augustine
the 1st permanent settlement in the present day U.S.A
democratic republic party
opposed hamilton's programs, led by jefferson
Hernando cortez
conquered the Aztec Indians
Fransisco Coronando
discovered Colorado
Federalist party
approved the new constitution
harvard college
1st college in the colonies
pilgrims 1st stepped at a place they named in 1620
Samuel prescott
warned the british were coming
monroe doctrine
prohibits future colonization in the new world by european powers
Vasco de Balboa
discovered the Pacific Ocean
1st permanent English settlement in the NEw World
Benedict Arnold
began selling secrets to the british agreed to surrender west point in exchange for a large sum of money.
Proclamation of 1763
cancelled all previous land grants given to the colonies
Olive Branch Petition
1775 sent to George 3rd asking to come to reason terms and promising loyalty