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The formula for the speed of a wave.
The formula for the velocity of a wave.
speed=distance divided by time
velocity=wavelength times frequency.
The angles of a reflective wave are________ __________.
always equal
The angles of a reflective wave are________ __________.
always equal
What is the normal range for human hearing?Why?
0-90 dbs. Anything more is dangerous!
Volume is ________ related to amplitude.
Pitch is _________ related to frequency.
Sonar stands for and is.
SONAR: Sound Navigation Ranging.
high frequency sound wave that is reflected off of something.
The particles in a transvers wave move _____ to the energy.
The particles in a longitudinal wave move______
to the energy.
Name 2 wave properties
reflection and refraction
What is an observation?
What is an inference?
observation: Facts
Doppler Effect:
A change in the frequency of a wave caused by a moving sound source or a moving observer. Louder infront of source because thats where the compressions are.
Define Defraction
The beding of waves around a barrier.
Three items more dense then water, and three items less dense then water.
less dense: domno, paper clip, eye shadow applicators.
more dense: rock, mountain dew in alluminum can, and marble.
Define Interference
Ability of two or more waves to combine and form a new wave (larger or smaller)
How could you show the difference between mass and weight?
Mass is the amount of space an object uses and weight is the gravitational pull on something. On the moon your mass would be the same but your weight would be different.
Give a breif description of the history of the metric system.
Founded in France,modifications since it was found, some units of measurement are mm,cm,km. Metric system found around the 1700's
How do you find an objects density?
mass divided by volume
What is the relationship between a wabe's velocity and refraction?
velocity causes refraction.
What are the two main categories of waves?
Transverse and Longitudinal
Describe what "index of refraction" means.
How much the velocity changes while changing it's medium.
what is speed of sound faster in?
faster in solids than liquids and gases, Because the more compact the molecules are.
The 7 steps of the scientific method in order.
1. Problem
2. Research
4. Procedure
5. Test
6. Data
7. Conclusion
Define Ultrasonic Waves
Sound waves with frequencies too high for humans to hear.
________ waves can travel through space because,______.
_______ waves can not travel through space because,______.
transverse, it doesn't need a medium.
longitudinal, it does need a medium.
Give 2 examples of of longitudinal waves.
sesmic and sound
Define: Destructive interference
waves meet and combine to form a smaller wave amplitude.
What are the two main categories of waves
Define Medium
A material that a wave travels through.
Define Constructive interference
waves meet and combine to form a larger wave amplitude.