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Two or more food chains are connected. What are these connected food chains called?
-a food web
A seed from a desert plant would probably grow best...
-in dry,sandy soil in a sunny area
Mice are a source of food for some birds. Which population would most likely increase if the number of mice in a field increased?
-all types of birds
i.e. hawks
The correct order of growth in most plants is ...
seed-seedling-mature plant
The number of insects in an area becomes larger. Because of this, which other type of animal will most likely become larger in number?
How are pollen grains most often transferred from one plant to another?
-by the wind
How does energy move in a food cain?
An oak tree produces many acorns. What will most likely happen to these acorns?
-some of them will grow into new trees
What supplies energy for all living things?
Which property helps some seeds travel by wind or water from on place to another?
-light weight
Many kinds of snakes eat mice.
If all the snakes in an area die, then the mouse population will most likely ...
Egg-Larva-Pupa-Adult shows a ...
-life cycle
Why are plants the basic producers for food chains?
-plants use the sun's energy to make food
What is the correct order of growth of most insects?
In a forest, a group of different plants and animals depend on each other for food and other needs. This group is called a
- community
Which seed will be carried most easily by the wind?
-Draw a picture
The main purpose of a plant's flower is to...
-produce fruit and seeds
A plant was put in a closed box with a hole in the side and placed by a window. After several weeks, the plant started to grow out of the hole. Why did this happen?
-plants grow toward light
A marble will sink in water. The marble does this because it...
-is more dense than water
Egg-Larva-Pupa-Adult shows the life cycle of a ...
Why do plants have leaves?
-to produce food
Life Cycle of a Frog
Eggs-Young Tadpole-Older Tadpole-Adult Frog
Which stage of growth leads directly to the next?
-eggs to young tadpole
-young tadpole to adult frog
-adult frog to eggs
The total number of robins living in a park is called a
The main purpose of plant roots is to ...
-take in water
Which property of jelly beans determine the number that will fit in an empty glass jar?
-size and shape
Which part of a plant is most often found inside the fruit?
Acorn - Squirrel - Eagle
-a food chain
During the winter what happens in the roots of a tree?
-the roots store food
The total number of grasshopper living in a field is called
Which part of a plant takes in the most water?
Which activity would result in a liquid changing to a solid?
-making ice cubes
What must happen before a flowering plant can produce seeds?
-pollen must be transferred
Where would butter most likely turn into a liquid?
-on a hot stove
Apple trees can live for many years, but beans plants usually live for only a few months. This statement shows that...
-plants have lifespans of different lengths
A sweater is softer than a coat. Which property is the reason for this?
A student uses a hand lens to watch a mealworm for a few minutes. What can the student most likely observe about the mealworm?
-how many legs it has
The hardness of a wooden log remains the same if the wood is
-cut in half
A student was watching a squirrel in a tree. What would the student know about the squirrel just from looking at it?
-the squirrel's tail was long and bushy
Mary found a shell on the beach. By looking at the shell, she could tell the
-color and shape
A ball of clay was placed in a pan of water. It sank to the bottom. The same clay was then formed into a boat and again placed in the water. The clay boat floated. Why was the clay boat able to float?
-the shape of the clay was changed
Which property of an object will never affect whether the object sinks or floats?