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The theory of spontaneous generation was proposed by this man in about 350B.C
Francesco Redi, an Italian physician and poet, questioned this theory?
Spontaneous Generation
This scientist disproved the theory of spontaneous generation by using flasks with an S shaped end?
Louis Pasteur
Robert Brown identified this important structure of the cell in the 1830's?
These two men created the cell theory?
M.J. Schleiden. Theodor Schwann
This Man added to the cell theory after Schleiden and Schwann proposed it.?
Rudolf Virchow
What is one thing that Schleiden and Schwann proposed in the cell theory?
All living things are made up of one or more cells and the materials produced by these cells.
What did Virchow propose in the cell theory?
All cells are produced from pre-existing cells through the process of cell division
What is the other thing that Schleiden and Schwann proposed in the cell theory?
All life functions take place in cells, making them the smallest unit of life.
Are pasteurs jars still around today?