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What present did Sarah give to Caleb?
Sarah gave Caleb three colored pencils that had the color of the ocean.
Who said "You didn't have any clothes on" in the book?
Anna said "You didn't have any clothes on" in the book.
Who is Jacob?
Jacob was the father of Caleb and Anna.
Who was Sarah's brother?
Sarah's brother was William.
Is Seal a girl kitten?
Yes, Seal is a girl kitten.
Who is the owner of Seal?
The owner of Seal is Sarah Elisabeth Wheaton.
Is Lottie a dog or a cat?
Lottie is a dog.
What types of plants grew in Sarah's garden?
Dahlias and Columbine flowers grew in Sarah's garden.
Who is Seal?
Seal is a white kitten that likes dogs.
Where did Sarah live before she came to live with Anna?
Sarah lived in Maine before she came to live with Anna.